Time for our September Currently and some Motivation Monday!

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Three day weekends are truly just amazing– one extra day makes it so much easier to enjoy and relax the first two days of the weekend and then get things done on the third day! So today for some Monday productivity, we are linking up with Farley for her September Currently.

Amanda and I have a lot of the same things going on at the beginning of this year so our Currently answers ended up being the same! We both are loving this school year so far and are feeling like it’ll be a great one, but we are both struggling a little with the whole getting up early 5 days a week thing. But, we’ll get used to it soon enough since it’s not going to change! We also both have super long to do lists that we just have to keep rearranging to get those most important things to the top of the list.  Each time we check something off, somehow three more things get added on– but we hope to get to them all eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, we both want to make sure we get back into a routine with running/working out after school, enjoy the weather (as long as it isn’t 104 degrees) and do some reading for fun! 
I’m also linking up with my blogging buddies Sarah and Tamra over at First Grade Buddies for their Motivate Me Monday linky. 
We all know how very sweet our little friends can be and how nice it feels to get a little note from a student, parent, colleague, etc.  This note below I got my first year teaching and I have kept it on the side of my fridge at home ever since.  It is such a nice little reminder on those tough days to remember how important our jobs are each and every day. I don’t even know what “things” I gave this little kindergartner but evidently it was something special that she treasured.  Hope this motivates you a little too at the beginning of this school year! Oh and I was Miss Akin before I got married and moved on to becoming Mrs. Claahsen- just in case you thought this note was actually for some other teacher out there… ๐Ÿ™‚
Have a great day!

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0 thoughts on “Time for our September Currently and some Motivation Monday!”

  1. I am with you on thinking this is going to be a great year! Last year was a really rough one for me, so in an effort to save my sanity I changed schools – best choice ever! The first two weeks have been terrific!

    I am also soooooo with you on wanting to read books for fun. Even if I have to pencil it in (or INK it in, rather) on my schedule, I need to make time for this.

    Hope you ladies have a spectacular year!

  2. Very sweet and inspiring! I have saved all of the little notes and drawings I have received along the way. It is a great joy to pull out that big envelope to read them from time to time. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  3. You need to keep me motivated like that! Yes, I have been waking up to on weekends but thinking I need to workout so I am not so tired. Was wondering if you have any ideas for Grandparent's Day? It is this coming Monday at school for us. I'm a little behind & not sure what I am going to do. I would appreciate any ideas. We only do it every other year. Thanks, Jackie jmcmanam@w-sioux.k12.ia.us

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