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Guided Reading Lesson and Text

Guided Reading Data Collection

It’s officially January! Is everyone feeling settled into the second semester yet? I know it’s tough. Especially in a year like this one where the way that you’re teaching now may not be the way that you started the year. And it may not be the way that you finish the year. All of this

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Digital Guided Reading Story

Digital Guided Reading for Winter

It is no secret that distance learning is tough. Many teachers are back to virtual learning after having a few, short weeks in the classroom with our students. Others transitioned to live teaching for the first time ever in December, but maybe it didn’t last long. No matter your teaching situation, consistency is key. This

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Guided Reading Toolkits

Guided Reading Student Toolkits It’s important for students to have their own toolkits to use for Guided Reading groups. This year, you may be sending these toolkits home, for remote learning. Or, you may be providing them to students to use in the classroom, but with social distancing and personal materials, in mind.  Here are

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Digital Guided Reading for Fall!

Digital Fall Guided Reading I recently wrote all about how excited the Fall weather makes me! The season inspires me to plan all things fall-themed, including guided reading groups. In this post I describe my printable Fall Guided Reading passages. I explain how the passages are the perfect way to build anticipation of a new

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Fall Guided Reading Plans, Done For You!

Fall Guided Reading Does anyone start to look forward to all things fall as soon as September hits? Heading towards a new season always brings some excitement, no matter how crazy the year is! (And this year is especially crazy, is it not?) So, what does a new season and Guided Reading have to do

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Engaging All Readers is Open for Enrollment!

Engaging All Readers Have you heard?? The Engaging All Readers membership site is live and open for registration! I wanted to walk you through all of the components of this membership. I couldn’t wait to give you an up close look at what you gain from this membership. Also- had to share why teachers love

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Reading for Letter Recognition | ABC Stories

If you teach emerging readers, you likely do plenty of phonemic awareness work. This work is so important for cementing letter sounds in our students’ minds. It allows readers to retain it all when they begin reading words, sentences, and stories! As teachers of early readers, we know letter recognition is also one skill that

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Digital Reading Fluency Made Easy!

Why Focus On Digital Fluency? I can hardly believe that it’s already the beginning of August! This summer has somehow flown by, after a very long, very tedious spring! I can’t believe we’re already talking about going digital with so many resources, including my Fluency passages. We’re coming up on back to school season right

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Teaching Guided Reading, Digitally

Teaching Guided Reading, Digitally! I wrote in this post a few weeks back that I am so thankful that I started turning my Guided Reading Passages into digital resources a few years ago. Who knew that we would need them as much as we do? With all of the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year,

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Letter Recognition Activities

Helping Early Readers with Letter Recognition Early readers need a lot of practice with letter identification. Some move on quickly, while others need repeated practice frequently before they can master letter names or sounds. If you’re looking for some new ideas to add into your rotation, read on! 5 Ideas to Work on Letters Letter

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