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The Importance of Running Records Guided Reading is such an awesome way to help readers make progress. However, you need to be sure to assess your readers on a regular

Preparing for Benchmark Testing By the spring, typically you’re feeling pretty good about your Guided Reading groups. They are usually running smoothly, following a good flow. Even with that being

A Focus on Rhymes In my previous blog post, I focused on phonemic awareness and its importance. With that, I mentioned the implications of problems with rhyming. When students have a

What is Phonemic Awareness? Phonemic Awareness is a very important part of early reading lessons. The reason it is so important is because it shows that students are able hear

Reading is Thinking I remember when I became a reading specialist I originally focused heavily on kids learning to read/improving reading. However, pretty quickly I realized that my little readers

Why CVC Word Work is Important When students are learning to read, it’s important that they build up their skills. Focusing on something like CVC words, gives readers a chance

A Short, but Sweet Month February may be a short month, but it still can be difficult to keep readers engaged. They begin thinking of warmer weather…even if it isn’t

Working on Letters At any given time in the year, you’ll likely have some early readers who haven’t mastered the names and sounds of letters yet. This is of course

Why I Love Guided Reading Passages Guided Reading can take a long time to plan for, especially when you have multiple groups with students working at various levels. While the

Help Readers SEE Silent e Often when students are reading words in or out of context, they are just trying to finish. When doing so, they are rushing over important