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I love alliteration (that might be the first clue I have been teaching first grade for several years!) So “Technology Tuesdays” and “Techy Teacher Tuesdays” are right up my alley!

So Amanda and I had school today rather than a 3 day weekend, and although it’s a bummer that so many other people were off today (including my husband who

We completed our 100th Day of School and are officially 100 Days Smarter!  Last year one of my teammates came in with the idea of “dressing like we are 100

Our tech team sends out weekly suggestions for new programs to try out and one of the ideas several weeks ago was Smore which is a free online tool that can

So I know I might be a little late on this one, but I am newly obsessed with QR codes! It’s all thanks to Kristin over at iteach1:1– she makes

Every month I send home a new behavior calendar for my students.  Students are expected to color in each box before going home depending on the color they end on

We are excited to be linking up with Farley from Oh’ Boy 4th Grade!  We have a blast reading about everyone else and getting to know our Bloggy Friends even

We made it through January!  It is hard to believe how quickly it flew by but February here we come!   There is so much to celebrate in February between

I am regularly trying to make everything more “fun” for my little friends, especially one little friend in particular who seems to find nothing…at all…that we do fun (even if

I never realized just how much I actually enjoy teaching vocabulary until I really looked at the Common Core Standards and found new ways to teach it! I used to