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Guided Reading Student Toolkits It’s important for students to have their own toolkits to use for Guided Reading groups. This year, you may be sending these toolkits home, for remote

Halloween Activity Ideas for Early Readers Most kids just love Halloween! Incorporating Halloween activity ideas into your literacy routine this month helps engage your readers. I’ve got a few ideas

Engaging Writing for Primary Grades It is important to find ways to make writing engaging in any grade level. But, those formative years of early independent writing may be the

Recognizing Sight Words When students are learning to read, they are putting together many different aspects of reading. One thing, their brain is focusing on, is recognizing words quickly. When

Digital Fall Guided Reading I recently wrote all about how excited the Fall weather makes me! The season inspires me to plan all things fall-themed, including guided reading groups. In

How to Teach a Close Reading Routine Close reading is such a great way to teach specific reading skills, while also giving your students plenty of text exposure. And, to

Fall Guided Reading Does anyone start to look forward to all things fall as soon as September hits? Heading towards a new season always brings some excitement, no matter how

Engaging All Readers Have you heard?? The Engaging All Readers membership site is live and open for registration! I wanted to walk you through all of the components of this

I am a big believer that one of the things that can make the biggest impact on your students’ reading growth in a school year is buy-in from their families!

If you teach emerging readers, you likely do plenty of phonemic awareness work. This work is so important for cementing letter sounds in our students’ minds. It allows readers to