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It’s no secret that teaching phonics is one of the most important pieces of the K-2 literacy block! If you teach primary grades, you already know that your students’ ability


Reading confidence matters. The way that a child thinks about him or herself as a reader early-on is carried through all of the school years. This is true for all

Do you need some new literacy ideas for the month of February, specifically for letters and words? Well, I’m super excited to share some extra fun activities with you! February

You may be in a school that has been doing remote learning most of the year. Your students may be just beginning remote learning. Either way, I wanted one spot

Winter Close Reading Passage

Close Reading is one of my favorite methods of instruction in my literacy block. It is such an effective way to teach a new skill so that your students will

Guided Reading Lesson and Text

It’s officially January! Is everyone feeling settled into the second semester yet? I know it’s tough. Especially in a year like this one where the way that you’re teaching now

Winter Think Draw Write

Boost Writing Engagement with Think, Draw, Writing It is important to find ways to make writing engaging in any grade level. But, those formative years of early independent writing may

Digital Guided Reading Story

It is no secret that distance learning is tough. Many teachers are back to virtual learning after having a few, short weeks in the classroom with our students. Others transitioned


Rhyming is a critical skill in the early literacy years. In fact, being able to recognize rhyme scheme is a great indicator of how quickly a child will pick up


Recognizing where syllables are in a word is so critical for helping students (of all ages) decode and increase fluency. Being able to find each vowel sound, which in turn