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Some students really have a tough time remembering particular sight words. Whether reading in context, or alone, some words just don't stick with them. The more opportunities readers have to continue reading
I can't believe it's already April! I know some teachers haven't even had Spring Break yet, while others have just a few weeks left of school. Either way, it's still continue reading
When working in Guided Reading groups, it's important to regularly check in on your readers to ensure they're making progress. This is true for readers at the earliest levels to continue reading
Every year when March 1st hits, I also want spring to immediately be here, but that rarely actually happens by us! Regardless of the cold temps outside, I still like continue reading
I'm a big believer in getting kids engaged to keep them learning! Phonics/word work activities can become a little dull for readers as they're simply repeating the same thing over continue reading
Happy February! I hope your month is off to a good start, after a long January! Since it's a new month- time to switch out the sight word chart! You can continue reading
Non fiction is a huge part of our daily lives, especially as adults. It's important to prepare students for being able to read and comprehend non fiction, from an early continue reading
Here's an idea that will help your readers become engaged during word work activities. This activity is perfect for Guided Reading, Morning Meeting or a center/partner activity. The best part continue reading
I'm a big believer in readers seeing words in context to help them become better readers. By focusing on figuring out challenging words within text, students improve their abilities as continue reading
I remember being so excited when the school I was working at a few years ago decided to go 1:1. I love technology and was looking forward to implementing it continue reading