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We are so glad you stopped by to read our blog! The two of us worked together for a few years at a school in the Chicagoland suburbs and we both truly love teaching! We are now working at new schools, but of course are still here to share all that we are doing. Here’s a little more about both of us…


I am a reading specialist for Kindergarten-5th Grade. I previously worked as a reading specialist with just Kindergartners and 1st graders for five years. Prior to becoming a reading specialist, I also taught Kindergarten for 3 years. I have always loved working with primary students, but after expanding to the upper grades, I’ve come to realize that upper elementary kids are quite fun to work with too.  I absolutely love teaching literacy all day long and being able to help my little friends become great readers! In the last few years, I’ve also expanded my teaching base to working with adults as well- I teach graduate courses for teachers getting their ESL endorsement. I love working with teachers in the courses because I get to share my ideas and learn from them as well! When I’m not busy with school stuff, I love spending time with my hubby, family and friends. I’m also a 2-time marathoner and I really do love running, especially outside on a nice day. Otherwise I enjoy reading, making new recipes, spending a day at the beach, planning vacations and shopping! In case you are curious…my name is pronounced “I-lean”… 🙂


I am a first grade teacher who is truly passionate about what I do. I love to see the growth and transformation of beginning of the year first graders to end of the year almost second graders. Every year it amazes me.  In the fall of 2014, I will be starting a new venture at a different school.  I will continue to teach first graders but will be working with a different population of students. I am excited for the challenges that will accompany this change.  I married my best friend and husband three years ago and feel lucky to have him by my side.  Much of my spare time goes to school related things but you can also find me trying new restaurants, traveling, exercising (well, when it is nice out,) scrapbooking, reading or simply hanging out with friends and family. I love anything that is cute and colorful! I tend to create lists for just about everything in my life and I love inspiring quotes!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at learningtothecore@gmail.com.  

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