Why Scholastic Book Clubs is Amazing and a Book Box Giveaway!

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Just last week I attended the Scholastic Book Fair and I have to say those book fairs will always hold a special place in my heart! Ever since I went to my first one when I was a little kid, I’ve gotten excited for the book fair. The idea of all those books in one room is just the best! It’s so hard to not just buy every single book.

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Scholastic Book Clubs for this post because I love how easy they make it for teachers and families to get great literacy materials into the hands of kids! Scholastic truly gives teachers the opportunity to purchase books for their classroom library in an affordable way. With monthly book club orders, it’s affordable for families too! Ever since my first year teaching, I’ve used Scholastic as a way to build my own classroom library and always encouraged families to order books as well. As a person who is passionate about literacy and providing all readers with engaging reading material, Scholastic is my top go-to resource for books. If you’re looking at just starting your classroom library, or simply want to add more excellent books to your library, I highly recommend checking Scholastic Book Clubs out.

Check out just a few reasons why Scholastic Book Clubs is fabulous below. Also, find out how to enter a giveaway for your very own Discovery Book Box, full of wonderful titles to add to your classroom library!

1. One Dollar Book Deals featuring Your Students’ Favorite Titles
Each month, Scholastic Book Clubs offers a wide variety of “$1 book deals,” making it easy for both teachers and parents to afford high-quality reads for kids to read independently in the classroom and at home. Be sure to also check out Clubs’ blog and social accounts for weekly dollar deals.
2. “Book Bundle” Collections to Help You Quickly Grow Your Library  
Every Scholastic Book Clubs flyer includes a great selection of book bundles, curated by our editors, for teachers to add up to 5 to 10 books in their classroom for only a few dollars! Topics range from real life heroes to holiday-themed collections to laugh-out-loud reads.
3. NEW Apple Recognition and Rewards Program
The Apple Recognition and Rewards program is a way to say “thank-you” for teachers—and students— who go the extra mile to foster a love of reading. Every teacher this year joins the program automatically. Check out additional rewards including free shipping, surprise gifts, Scholastic Teacher Magazine subscription discounts, and more to create a dynamic, book-loving classroom.
4. Monthly Rewards and “Bonus Points” for More Free Books & Classroom Supplies
Each month, Scholastic Book Clubs offers several ways for teachers to add even more  free books and resources for their classroom, such as furnishings, educational games and posters. This year, every dollar a classroom spends on an order, the teacher earns “one bonus point.” These points . For example, this October, schools that order over $50 will earn an additional 10 free books.
5. Introduce a New Teacher to Clubs 

Teachers who are already enrolled in Scholastic Book Clubs are eligible for special “bonus points” when they help new teachers get started with the program. This year, both teachers will receive an extra 250 bonus points to help build their classroom library full of free books!
If you don’t have an account yet, but want to get one started, this super brief video shows you exactly how simple it is to get your Scholastic Book Clubs account started!
Do you want a chance to win a bunch of amazing books for your classroom library? Simply head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter! It’s real simple, I promise. 🙂
Happy reading!
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