Spring has Arrived…in Guided Reading!

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Well some days recently it has felt like spring, but other days not so much. So until spring actually comes to stay around here, my little readers are enjoying spring time in our guided reading groups instead!

I switched out some of our winter and regular guided reading folders for our spring ones. My little readers LOVE getting their new guided reading folder full of fun stories! I’m always prepared for each guided reading group with my guided reading folders for each student, my lesson plan and running records.

Here’s a quick video showing a run through of a guided reading lesson using my spring guided reading packs:

I love discussing the text together after students read the stories with my guidance. They find it so simple to look back at the story right there to answer the questions if they can’t remember what they read. The running records also make it a breeze to see who is ready to move on or who needs some extra practice at the current level.

My littlest readers still need some help identifying sight words, so going back and circling/highlighting/underlining specific sight words within each story helps them practice those special words!

During our preview of each story before reading, reviewing specific skills and concepts related to word patterns is so meaningful. It is so beneficial to review right before my readers get a chance to apply the skills in context while reading!

Having my readers go back to the text and highlight where they found their answers ensures that they actually have an answer that makes sense to each comprehension question!

Another meaningful piece of these guided reading lessons involves setting the purpose for each read. This is simply 1-2 sentences that reminds each reader why we are reading the story and what they should be paying attention to while reading.

I’m so glad we can enjoy spring in some way in our classroom…and you can too! Click here or the pic below to check out all my leveled (A-M) guided reading passages. đŸ™‚
Have a great day!

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