Guided Reading: Fall Themed!

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Guided reading is such an important part of the day for most elementary students. This being the case, I find that it’s critical to keep it exciting for those little readers. You want them to keep on improving in regard to reading level, comprehension and motivation! This year I’ve done this through the addition of seasonal passages. So many of my readers have been making connections with things they’ve done this fall season that match right up to our stories. This makes guided reading that much more meaningful for them!

I write the passages to align with F&P leveling system- it is quite the lengthy process, but I’m always so happy to see my readers progress through the levels! In these packs, I also include a lesson plan that I use for each passage. I include a running record for each passage as a way to assess my student’s abilities on a regular basis. I’ll be back on soon talking all about why I love running records- so be sure to check back!

Check out each pack by clicking each image below!

If you are interested in seasonal passages for the year by level, check out my growing bundles- grab them for a great deal now! {Click the images below}

If you have all sorts of levels in your room, like I do, check out the mega growing bundle for all levels A-M for the entire year! {Click the image below}

Happy Reading!

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