Classroom Management-Adding a Little Something Extra

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Stickers, stickers and more stickers! Stickers at the beginning of the day, stickers throughout the day and stickers at the end of the day.

Last year we began using stickers as an extra way to motivate our first graders.  Let me tell you they love getting their little stickers.  At the beginning of the year we gave stickers for the littlest things and then, once students bought in and love getting stickers, we are making them work a little bit harder for each sticker.

Every Thursday we do a sticker trade in.  The things students can turn their stickers in for are actually not “things” which is wonderful! No more buying little junkie toys from the Dollar Tree students get to trade in their stickers for all kinds of great things (see below!!!) 

There you have it…easy, simple and it is a great thing that I do on-top of Class Dojo this year.  When a student is “caught being good” he/she might get a Class Dojo point, he/she might get a sticker and sometimes he/she is just told it is important to do the right thing with or without positive reinforcement because that is what we do as good citizens.  Either way, if you have every worked with first graders you know it is great to have multiple forms of positive reinforcement in the classroom.

To keep track of their stickers we are using blank ten frames.  Grab this freebie below.  The best part about putting their stickers into ten frames is with each sticker trade in day students are left counting on ten frames.  Students learn very quickly that instead of counting by 1s, it is much faster and easier to count by 10s instead!  It is great practice and they don’t even realize that they are doing math.

There are 2 versions of this freebie feel free to use whichever better suits your classroom needs.  The first one has room for 100 stickers and we duplex them so students can get a total of 200 stickers on their paper.  The second version is one I used for an individual behavior plan-where the student worked to get 10 stickers and then could choose from a list of rewards.

Happy Saturday!

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0 thoughts on “Classroom Management-Adding a Little Something Extra”

  1. Oh, Amanda! I love how you are tricking them into working on making tens and counting by tens! đŸ™‚ Great idea! I just love making those types of things into a learning activity–something similar happened this year when I went to "team homework." When it came time to add up our stars, it turned into a lesson on finding friendly numbers. By practicing every week, my 2nd graders were pros by the end of the year!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Hi! I love the ten frame sticker idea! How do you manage giving out stickers? Do you give them out? So students do it? I can just imagine myself running around the room with stickers all day!

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