GeoBoards in the Classroom

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Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size. 

Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size); build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes.

Compose two-dimensional shapes (rectangles, squares, trapezoids, triangles, half-circles, and quarter-circles) or three-dimensional shapes (cubes, right rectangular prisms, right circular cones, and right circular cylinders) to create a composite shape, and compose new shapes from the composite shape.

In both kindergarten and first grade we want to help students to understand that objects are made up of a shapes.  As well as we want children to see a shape and its defining attributes. For instance, we want to instill in children that a three sided, closed object is a triangle no matter if it is big or small, blue or yellow-it is still a triangle because of its defining attributes.  We can tell students this and even show them…but what better way to teach students than to let them explore with shapes and orientation on their own through structured play.

Whether you have GeoBoards or iPads in your classroom, you can take advantage of my latest pack to help your students explore with shapes in a fun independent center.

GeoBoards allow students to use rubber bands to create shapes by dragging them and putting the rubber bands on pegs.  The only difficult thing is, you are giving a bag of rubber bands to your first graders!  Don’t get me wrong, many of my students can handle these; however, there are a couple (I will not name names…) that the rubber bands sometimes always seem to break or go flying!  And of coarse, it is always an accident…always. 

The solution to flying rubber bands?!?!  A FUN FREE APP of coarse! 🙂  GeoBoard, by The Math Learning Center is an engaging app that gives students the opportunity to explore shapes.  This app allows students to make drag rubber bands to make shapes and create images made by shapes.

To accompany this free app, I created a math pack called GeoBoard Mania!  This pack gives students the opportunity to explore shapes and to be challenged by combining several shapes together to make new designs.  Students have to be persistent in order to get these designs and my students LOVE the challenge of this.  There are several printables to hold students accountable for their word during center time.  
Whether you are using regular GeoBoards or have an iPad in your classroom and want to try GeoBoard, by The Math Learning Center try this pack to challenge and push your students!  Click HERE or on the picture above to take you to this pack! 
Happy Sunday!

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