Tried-It Tuesday: Pencil Sharpener

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I was was thrilled when I saw my little package from Classroom Friendly Supplies sitting on my doorstep one Friday after school.  I quickly opened the box and couldn’t resist posting my excitement on Instagram!

As I read the feedback, I only got more excited to get this little guy into my classroom-so many people said this was their “favorite” pencil sharpener! One person replied saying she had “3 in her classroom!” For a teacher to purchase 3 of anything, you know it must be good!

1. Cute and Colorful

I am a first grade, elementary school teacher with polka dots borders and bright colors surrounding my classroom…so YES cute and colorful is something that makes me happy! Having this bright pencil sharpener is a great addition to my room.  I have gotten so many compliments on how cute this pencil sharpener is and I couldn’t agree more! It has been a perfect for classroom and I love the bright blue color.  Here is my favorite little sharpener “mid-sharpen!”

Another fabulous thing about Classroom Friendly Supplies‘ Sharpeners is that they come in a wide variety of colors! I must say, if I didn’t have the blue I probably would have gotten that hot pink-I do love that color too…hmmm maybe I should just get two for my classroom?!?!

2. Makes Pencils Sharp (and I mean SHARP!)

Oh my goodness, do you see that point?  I mean really…that is the definition of a sharp pencil!  Sometimes with my old sharpener it would create a “sharp point” but then the point would easily break….NOT with this sharpener!  My Classroom Friendly Supplies‘ Sharpener creates tough and sturdy points, which is perfect for my first grade beginning writers!

3. Created by a Classroom Teacher

This sharpener is created by a teacher for teachers.  When things are created by teachers, I have so much more confidence in buying them.  Even before purchasing, I felt confident that this sharpener had been through the ringer and been “kid-tested” and “kid-approved.” I was right!  It is wonderful!

As stated above, the pencil sharpeners come in many colors and you have the option to buy in bulk to help save you money which is really nice.  Make sure to click on the picture below and check out the website!

I am linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tried-It Tuesday!  This is my first time trying this pencil sharpener and I couldn’t be more excited.  Head on over to Fourth Grade Flipper to see the other projects and things teachers are trying this week.

Happy Tuesday!

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0 thoughts on “Tried-It Tuesday: Pencil Sharpener”

  1. Maybe you can help – I've purchased two of these and both only lasted one week! The kids were sharpening a pencil both times and the lead broke off in the sharpener – now you can't get another pencil in to sharpen and the lead inside won't come out. Have you had lead break off inside? Any suggestions? When they worked, they were great!
    Are We There Yet?

  2. Best sharpener ever! I have nine of them – one for each table, one for me, and one exclusively for color pencils. I will never use anything else. I tell everyone about them! I think half our staff now has one after the last group order. We have started ordering in bulk together as a campus to save money. 🙂

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