Word Work in First Grade

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Aylin is back in school with kids and I have started my new teacher training this week but the kids do not officially start for another week.  As I sat down with one of my new teammates to plan for our first week of school we discussed jumping into Daily 5 that very first week.  

We will do a modified version of Daily 5/Cafe with our own twists to make it work best in each of our rooms.  Right away, we begin by building stamina in read to self and then will jump into building stamina on our work on writing time.  Remembering how quickly we get into each of the 5 essentials made me want to compile a list of my own of the word work ideas I have used in the past as a quick reference throughout my upcoming school year!

I am so grateful to Pinterest, which has helped me compile a “Word Work” Board with over 100 Pins specific to hands-on ways to practice spelling, sight and/or vocabulary words.  Many of my ideas below came from other bloggers and Pinterest ideas!  I continue keep pinning away because this board has been a great reference to me as I continue to build more word work ideas for my first graders.  I find that the more engaging the activities, the more they remember their words and the quieter they are so I am  constantly looking for new interactive ways for students to practice.

Hands-On Word Work Ideas

Each of the activities below are simple, hands-on ways to help students remember their words.

Students choose a flashcard, read the word to their partner and carefully place beans over each of the letters.  

Students write their word and place a dot next to (or under) each sound in the word.   
Students take out each of the vowels and place them on one side of the plate and take out each of the consonants and place them on the other side of the plate.  Then, students make their word in the bottom part of the plate.  
Student use anything magnetic and make their words with letters.  
Students use Play-Doh to roll out and make their words.  

Students use a “blob” of Play-doh and stamp their letters onto it to make their words.  
Students use Q-Tips and paint to write each of their words.  
Students using Kids Doodle on the i-Pads to practice their words.  

Simple, right?  All of these word work ideas above provide minimal prep and maximum fun for your little ones to practice their words!  I hope you were able to get at least one new, low-prep word work idea from this post!

If you have a chance, share your favorite word work station that you use in your classroom in a comment below or direct me to a similar blog post of yours so I can learn some new ones to incorporate into my classroom for the upcoming school year!


Happy Friday!

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