First Week in First Grade: Expectations and Anchor Charts

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The kids started on Monday which means I have officially began my 8th year teaching first grade!  Still sounds a little crazy to me to know that I a. graduated from college 8 years ago and b. that I have been so blessed to work with this age level for the past 8 years.

I say it every year but first grade really is a super fun age because of the tremendous growth students display academically as well as socially and emotionally.  The level of independence from a beginning of the year first grader to an end of the year first grader is amazing! I remind myself of that often this first week, as my little first graders come into the classroom each day!

This year, our first week consisted of modeling and teaching many of the routines students will need to know in first grade.

Goodbye Summer/Hello School

This anchor chart has been all over Pinterest and I couldn’t wait to do it with my new firsties!  It is so much fun to hear about the things they did over the summer as well as to hear about the things they are excited to do this school year! 

Class Promise

This is my first year creating a class promise with students. We read the book Swimmy to start and talked about the importance of working together to accomplish a goal.

How do you go home from School

This was an important first day activity not only for the students but also for me! We did this activity at the end of the first day of school on Monday which helped me to know exactly how students were getting home.


Students began working in partners (and groups) this week.  This poster was a perfect reminder for them on the expectations of working with classmates.  Grab your free copy by clicking on the image below!

To see some of the other activities I did with my first graders this week click here! Many of my first grade activities for the beginning of the year can be found in the pack below!

I hope you too had a great week– whether it was your first week back or you are in full routines by now!

Happy Friday!

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