Tune Into Technology: Integrating Technology Into Math

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We are officially on Week #2 of our “Tune into Technology” Linky Party.  If you missed the first week click here to see lots ideas on how you can incorporate technology into reading.  Please link up here or on Kristin’s blog for any tech ideas you have that fits our theme of the week– we can’t wait to read your ideas- we were so happy with all the new ideas from this linky last year!

Thanks to Megan Favre and Ashley Hughes for the fun graphics!
Thanks to Graphics From the Pond and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs for the graphics!

One of my favorite quick informal assessment to use with my students is Today’s Meet.  Today’s Meet gives all students the opportunity to share what they learned in a private chat room.  After introducing a new concept, I like to have students share their learning on this website with their peers.  It is incredibly motivating, even to six year olds, when your peers view your work.  Todays Meet allows all children to share and read other’s view on new mathematical concepts.  To read more about how I incorporate Today’s Meet into my first grade classroom click here!

We use our laptops every day in math centers.  We have access to paid programs including IXL and Success Maker.  Both programs allow teachers to log-in and see the amount of time students have spent on the websites as well as gives many graphs telling me individual and class strengths and struggles.  We also use Xtra Math and Sumdog which are free programs that give teachers access to seeing student progress. 
Another free favorite of mine to use is Shepard’s Software.  This program has a lot of skills for students to practice in a fun and engaging way.  Students will practice these skills on the computer as well as on the SmartBoard! 
Student typically get a handful of choices depending on the skill we are working on.  They get to play the games with a partner and they enjoy getting to use the interactive whiteboard and getting to work with partners at this center.  

As you can see I used a lot of websites in my classroom.  There are a lot of ways out there to organize your websites but I have found Draggo works best for me!  To see how I use Draggo to organize my math websites click here!

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  1. Hi girls! Thanks for sharing about Today's Meet…it looks like a really super website! Seems like it would be really fun to see what the kiddos share! We're going to have to try that out this coming school year!

    đŸ™‚ Tamra and Sarah

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