Spark Student Motivation: End of the Year Writing- Our future is SO bright we have to wear shades!

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Have I mentioned lately how much I love that blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook allow me to collaborate with teachers from all over?!!?  On Instagram a few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my blank door and asked for suggestions.  I got several suggestions and ended up going with Heck_Awesome’s idea.  She suggested that I go with “Our Future’s So Bright…I have to Wear Shades!” I immediately loved the idea and got busy creating so that my first graders could have a fun, end of the year writing activity to go with this wonderful idea.

My Instagram post.  I got several wonderful suggestions from teachers across the country and ended up going with Heck_Awesome’s idea.  

My first graders had a blast getting to wear their sunglasses in school for the day! I even let them wear their “shades” to lunch, if they promised to say when people asked, “I have to wear shades because my future is so bright!”  Although most of them couldn’t repeat the full line, it was pretty cute to hear them try to explain to other teachers why they had to wear their shades.

We broke this writing into two different pieces.  First, students were able to take their picture in PhotoBooth and then draw a picture on their sunglasses of what they want to be when they grow up. I mean really, how cute are these firsties with their sunglasses and smiles?

We then got all of our sunglasses together and got it up on my door that has been blank for far too long!  I am happy with how it turned out and my kiddos love seeing themselves with sunglasses on each time they come into the classroom. 

Once they finished that we worked on the writing portion.  Students got to talk and write about what they wanted to be when they grow-up.  Let me tell you, it is pretty cute to hear what some of these friends want to be and why they will be great at it…  

This first grader wants to be a “race car driver!”
Rafael wants to be a “police officer because they help people.”  He knows he will be good at it because “I am nice and police officers are nice” too.  

I literally smiled as I read each of their papers. I gave students the opportunity to share their responses with friends-they were incredibly proud of their writing.   Most of them had really good (and fun!) ideas of what they want to be when they grow-up.

This little girl wants to be a “princess because their dresses are cute.”  She knows she will be a great princess because “she likes their crowns.”  
This first grader wants to be a “rockstar because she wants to be famous.”  
Too funny and too cute if you ask me! πŸ™‚  Really, first graders and sunglasses are a great mix. If you are wanting to try this activity with your students you can grab it for free by clicking on the image below.  
There is a little kid template where students fill in the blanks with their ideas and a big kid version where students can write full sentences.  
I  linked up with Joanne today from Head Over Heels for Teaching for her weekly Spark Student Motivation.  Sometimes doing something outside of the normal routine (allowing students to wear sunglasses for the day) is enough to motivate them big time.  Students were only allowed to wear their sunglasses if they were being super kind and super good listeners throughout the day.  Let me tell you that was enough to get most of kiddos on board even when their minds are thinking “summer, summer, SUMMER!”  
Happy Saturday!

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5 thoughts on “Spark Student Motivation: End of the Year Writing- Our future is SO bright we have to wear shades!”

  1. YEAHHHHHH for social media! I too and absolutely amazed by its power to connect us and inspire us. I think back to how I connected with you, happening into that session at NICE. Now I have a wonderful, uber creative, talented, passionate educators that I get to connect and share with. I have to give all the credit to Pinterest and all its inspiration awesomeness (I bow to it). I was happy to help inspire and holy wow look at what you did! What a fantastic idea and what incredibly lucky students you have. This will surely be unforgettable for them!


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