Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction

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I am incredibly excited to be joining The Primary Gal’s Guided Math book study.  Guided math has helped my students grow tremendously because it allows me to better individualize their math instruction.  However, with that being said, I know I have so many things to learn and tweak to make my guided instruction stronger.  I purchased Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction by Laney Sammons book last summer and dabbled with it this year as I taught. I read pieces, took notes, and tried to apply it to my math instruction as much as I was able to.

This summer I am excited to reread it after implementing a guided math routine in my classroom because I know I will learn so many new tricks and tips.  I can’t wait to fully implement my new ideas from this book study into my instruction next year.

If you are new to guided math or have tried bits and pieces of it in your classroom please check back here weekly for more strategies and ideas to implement into your guided math routine.

Whole-Class Instruction-Mini-Lesson: Each day my students start off with a mini lesson or a math talk.  I have been able to get this down to an actual “mini-lesson” about 10-15 minutes long (which took some practice for me!) 
Guided Math Instruction with Small Groups of Students & Math Workshop Model: The small group structures are present in my classroom.  Students are working independently or with their classmates when they are not in a guided math group with me.  I feel as though the structure I have set up has allowed me to differentiate easily for students and also holds them accountable when they are not working directly with me.   
An Ongoing System of Assessment: This is something I really hope to get a better handle on for next year.  I know that students level can vary depending on the concept so groups need to be very flexible.  It is important I find a balanced system of assessment that gives me a more complete look at what students know and understand on a day to day basis.  
A Classroom Environment of Numeracy:  I need to strengthen this and help students to see the importance of numbers and problem solving as well as how it affects their everyday lives.  I would like to help make math more meaningful for students with each activity.   
Individual Conferences: Although my structure allows for one-on-one conferring I really haven’t taken advantage of this.  This year I spent my time meeting with small groups daily but I can certainly see advantages to also taking some time to working with students individually as well.  
Morning Math Warm-Ups: This is something I can certainly strengthen.  I have pieces in place with my number of the day chart but could make this stronger with more activities for students to do upon arriving for the day.  
There you have it-lots for me to work on and strengthen.  That is certainly one thing I love about summer is I have the time to reflect and really figure out how to improve my math instruction for next school year. 

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