Five for Friday with Fact Families and the Start of St. Patrick’s Day Centers

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I love linking up with Teaching Blog Addict and Doodle Bugs {First Grade Rocks}-the only problem is I rarely get to finishing my post on Fridays for I am usually a day late!  So, here is yet another “Five for Friday” and “Freebie Friday” on a Saturday, thanks for understanding!!!

This week my first graders worked on making fact families in centers.  We have talked about this strategy to help with subtraction and now my first graders are working on them with partners and independently to solidify this strategy. We practiced fact families with and without missing addends.  My kiddos are getting really good finding the missing addend and then putting all of the numbers into a fact family.  

Using the free app KidsDoodle to practice!
We also worked on fact families with QR Codes.  QR Codes are a favorite of my kiddos because they get to scan the code and check their work immediately which they just love!  If you haven’t tried QR Codes yet-it is worth giving it a try…your students will love them!  
Students were also able to practice fact families on their computers at school and at home.  Click on the pictures below to go directly to the links of these websites.  
The “Garfield Math Games” are a classroom favorite.  There are a lot of different fun options for kids to practice many important common core skills such as fact families, quickly recognizing groups of numbers, pushing to make numbers in the least amount of moves, and practicing making combinations of numbers up to twenty.  This website gives you the options to practice these skills at a kindergarten, first, or second grade level which is wonderful!

The website below is another quick and easy way for students to continue practicing fact families.  Students really have to think about the numbers and combinations to get all of these correct.  This too has been great practice for my first graders!

This week I introduced some St. Patrick’s Day centers.  In kindergarten the leprechauns came to visit their classrooms-so starting on March 1st my kiddos started asking if that is going to happen in first grade too…I keep responding by saying “we will have to wait and see!”  Anyway, my first graders are super excited to be working with leprechauns, clovers, and spring things!

How cute is this? My favorite part of this little girl’s  writing is that her first wish is for her  “brother and sister to be nicer.” When I asked her more about it she had the biggest smile on her face as she said, “well, I am not very nice to them either! “
Practicing counting and ordering numbers up to 120.  I love that this center forces students to start on random numbers and build up to 120 in a random order.
Matching the gold coins to their correct pots of gold- working 2 and 3 addends.  
Find the pot for each clover-addition and subtraction doubles!  
What would a Friday (or in this case Saturday) be without a freebie?  Here is a St. Patrick’s Day freebie working with contractions for your little friends.  Just click on the picture below!
The products my first graders were using in this post for centers were Missing Addend Fact Cards and Activity Pack, QR Code Math Centers and Activities: Fact Families, and my St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack.  You can click on any of the pictures above or below to get to see more activities included in these products!  
Thanks Doodle Bugs {First Grade Rocks!} and Teaching Blog Addict for hosting you wonderful Friday Linky Parties and still letting my link up on Saturday! 
Happy Saturday!

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