Tried It Tuesday: Using Photo Booth in the Classroom

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Last year I blogged about how I used GarageBand in my first grade classroom.  You can read about more about it by clicking here.  We still use GarageBand; however, I am finding myself using Photo Booth in many ways this year as well.  Photo Booth is a free application that is on Macs.  It is also available on iPads (starting with the iPad 2.)

This year I have more English Language Learners in my classroom and I have found PhotoBooth to be extremely beneficial for those students to be able to watch my mouth as I actually say the words.  Just like GarageBand my students can listen to specific words or directions as many times as they need which is also beneficial for all of my first graders!

3 quick and easy ways I am using Photo Booth this school year are…
Spelling Tests and Word Study Assessments: 
This year I am using Words their Way in my first grade classroom.  I currently have 5 word study groups in my room.  When students take a spelling test or are assessed on their word study words I use PhotoBooth.  This allows all of my students to take the test at their own pace (listening and rewinding as much as necessary.)  It also allows my students to take their test during independent centers which is also great because I can still pull my small groups each and every day as opposed to spending time testing them. 
I will say it did take me some time to get used to looking up and seeing my big, old face on the laptops (especially when students pause and my face looks so goofy!) but my kiddos and I are used to it now! 🙂    And sometimes if I see my face paused at a really silly angle I can’t help but to point it out to the kids and laugh!!!

Reading Stories:
Students use PhotoBooth to (unknowingly) practice their fluency.  My kids love reading into Photo Booth.  We do this as a reading center as well as students gladly do it on their own at home to share with the class.  Since we eat breakfast in the classroom, the morning is a perfect time for kids to share their stories.  So we put them on the SmartBoard for all to hear!  Since my first graders want to sound perfect for their classmates they will read the story over and over again until it is just right.  Which makes for great fluency practice as well!

Star of the Week Book:
We do Star of the Week in our classroom.  On Fridays, my students make a “Star of the Week” book for their classmates.  Students have the option of using paper or doing it on the computer but I must say the majority would rather do it on the computer because they love being able to take an actual picture with their friends!  They take their picture in Photo Booth and then simply drag it into their document and complete the rest of the assignment.   
Thanks Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for hosting Tried It Tuesday! I love seeing what other teachers are up to in their classrooms.  If you haven’t already hop on over to Holly’s blog for lots more fabulous ideas!  Also, if you are looking for more technology ideas head on over to Technology Tailgate for their Tuesday link up as well!  

Happy Tuesday!

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0 thoughts on “Tried It Tuesday: Using Photo Booth in the Classroom”

  1. I never thought of using PhotoBooth for spelling tests! Genius! I do dictation sentences in 4th grade and this would be great to have students take their tests at centers. I might not enjoy seeing my huge head on the computer, but I could probably get used to it. 🙂 Thanks for the ideas as always!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. I've been looking for ideas to help my students assess their oral reading fluency. never thought of using PhotoBooth. What a fabulously simple solution! Thanks for sharing ~Stacy@

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