Five for Friday with a freebie and our first ever “Facebook Free-for-all!”

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Earlier in the week Aylin and I presented at the NCLB Conference in Chicago!  After presenting we were able to go to some other great conferences on guided math, creating common assessments, blogging with primary students, and many more!  We love being able to go and learn from other educators so it was certainly a fun experience!  

Valentine’s Day quickly came and quickly left this year.  We didn’t have much time but we were able to sneak in a few fun Valentine’s Day centers.  Two of my first graders’ favorites were: monster fact families and counting with our love-bug turtles!

For more Valentine’s Day centers and activities aligned to the common core standards please click here or the picture below.
CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.B.2 Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. 

We are working on expanding numbers in first grade.  My students have all learned how to “stretch-out” or expand a number to see how many tens and ones each digit is worth. Students are now also able to both decompose and compose two digit numbers which is pretty impressive for my little guys!    

My first graders started to “stretch-out” numbers first making the them using base 10 blocks, then gathering the tens on one side and the ones on the other.  Students then wrote addition sentences using their “stretched-out” numbers.  After practicing this skill many of my first graders are now able to look at a number, expand it, and be able to tell how many tens/ones are in that number simply by looking at the two digits!  

After  working together my students were off to independently practice these skills on their own through several activities.  Some of the independent centers we worked on are below- each of these centers helped to reinforce our standard.  
QR Codes are a great way for my kiddos to work independently and be able to get immediate feedback on their work.
Click on any of the pictures below to see more centers, games and activities on expanded form and base 10 blocks!  


Here are some websites that were helpful with reinforcing expanded numbers as well.  One of the things that I love about so many websites is that I can direct students to do different levels depending on their needs.  Click on any of the pictures below to get directly to the websites! 
Fridays are simply not complete without a freebie!  Here is a quick one that can be used in your classroom to help students continue to expand numbers and see the place value with each digit.  Click here or on the picture below to grab a copy!
Aylin and I are super excited to be participating in our first ever “Facebook Free-for-all!” What is a “Facebook Free-for-all” you might ask?!?  It is an awesome way to grab lots of freebies from countless bloggers!  All you have to do is click here or on the picture below.  You will then be taken to our Facebook page.  Once on our page you be able to grab freebies from both of us AND be able to find the spot that will take you to many other K-6 bloggers that have all joined this fun Facebook event!

Thanks Doodle Bugs {First Grade Rocks!} and Teaching Blog Addict for hosting you wonderful Friday Linky Parties! 
Happy Friday!

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