A Busy Week Including 100th Day Fun!

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Aylin and I began our week in San Diego presenting at the National Title 1 Conference.  We presented information on how we use technology to differentiate for our students. It was a great opportunity and we felt lucky to be apart of such a fantastic conference!  We were also thankful to go see other presenters while we were out in San Diego!  

The day after we got back to Chicago,  was  our 100th day of school!  My first graders were so incredibly excited throughout the day all. day. long.  It was exhausting, but lots of fun.  First graders walked in dressed as if they were 100 years old.   Below are some of my favorite kid-costumes (and I am tucked away in the back!)  They did a great job and many of them even played the part as they had “grumpy faces” and were hunched over their canes all day!  
The day was busy and filled with many centers and activities.  Kids kept asking what comes next and were sad to see the day end.  Below are a few of the activities we did on our 100th day of school!  
We made crowns as we practiced counting by 10s!
We made words as we filled in “Today I am 100 days ‘smarter!’  
We counted to 100 using Qtips and paint! 
We went on a mystery number hunt to find the missing number! 
We made predictions and counted how many times we could: clap, hop, write our names, sit/stand and blink in 100 seconds!  
We were certainly busy!  Students had a blast (and I did too) celebrating this special day.  It is hard to believe that we are through January and well into the month of February!  You can find all of these activities and many more in my 100th Day Pack below!   
Happy Friday!

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  1. Your 100th Day celebration looks like it was a big hit! Our 100th day isn't until the 19th due our late start date (we had a huge fire that delayed the beginning of school). I'll definitely use some of your ideas! Thank you for sharing.

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