Five for Saturday with 2 Holiday Freebies!

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Small Acts of Kindness: Hot Chocolate on Wheels

Each Wednesday of December the first graders have been delivering hot chocolate, cookies, and a compliment to each of the teachers in our building.  We have 3 first grades so a different first grade class has delivered this warm cup of deliciousness each Wednesday.  It has been a really nice treat and teachers seem to genuinely appreciate it.

This quote is on the front of our “Kindness Cart!”  
Christmas Math Centers
We have been busy in first grade the last couple of weeks!  We have incorporated the holidays into our centers.  Students are loving working with Santa, gingerbread men, presents and stockings!  Students are enjoying learning, getting big smiles on their faces and sometimes even thinking that they are playing games as they work with each skill.  
Fact Families: students are looking for the matching stockings by find fact families and the numbers that make them up!
Missing addend work: students are helping Santa find the missing to complete his equation.  
Counting: students practicing counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s using presents!   
Base 10 Block Work: students work on number sense as they match gingerbread men to the base 10 blocks.
You can grab these math centers and activities by clicking on any of the pictures above or to read a more detailed description of the products click on the pictures below.  

Fun, easy door/bulletin/craft board idea
A class set of these snowmen first went up across the hall in one of the other first grade classrooms.  Each day my kids continued to ask, “Can we make snowmen too?!?”  Eventually, I gave in and we did…and I am so glad that we did because they were incredibly easy to do and they turned out super cute!
Freebies:  Winter Holiday Poem and Addition/Subtraction Mice
This week we also worked on some poems.  We used our five senses to help describe the winter.  With our first snow last weekend and it being bitterly cold all week-students were able to get fully into the “winter writing!”  To grab a copy of this winter poem freebie click here or on the pictures below.

Here is another quick Christmas time freebie to help students practice addition and subtraction facts.  Students will match the mice to the Christmas tree with the correct sum/difference.  
We are so grateful to be pen pals with Tamra and Sarah from First Grade Buddies!  Our first graders are loving their new friends and enjoy finding out a little bit more about them each month!  When our kids get something new from their buddies they simply have the the biggest smiles on their faces.   They get so excited! Our first graders were ecstatic to finally gett to see their pen pals for the very first time!  They were thrilled and couldn’t get over the fact their pen pals were actual first graders too (even though we have told them many, many times!)  
Thank you very much to Teaching Blog Addict and Doodlebugs {First Grade Rocks!} for letting us link up and find a so many other teaching ideas all in one place!  

Hope you are staying warm and enjoying your weekend!

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