Five for Friday on a Saturday!

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Busy, busy, busy!  It is hard to believe it is already October and our first week is of the month is finished!  Students are having fun and learning lots each and everyday.

1. Pen Pals

We are so excited to be buddied up with Tamra and Sarah from First Grade Buddies!  This is the first time Aylin and I have done pen pals with our little ones and they are so excited.  It is funny because there are still a few no matter how many times (and different ways) we try to explain they just don’t quite understand.  I have one little boy who is still convinced it is his cousin writing to him.  I have another student who was simply confused saying “but this isn’t mine…”  Besides our confused friend, they are all beyond thrilled to have new friends in a new state!  They were so excited to see that they had similar favorite colors and liked doing the similar things at school!

This little girl was super excited to find out that they both LOVE Pizza and the  same color!

2. Ten frames galore

Students have been working with ten frames to help them better understand numbers.  Many of my first graders are now recognizing numbers with only a glance which is quite exciting!  They can look at a ten frame and tell me how many there are, how many more to make 10, and give me a simple number sentence saying “5 and 2 more is 7” again all by glancing at ten frame card!

Students playing ten frame “war” or “top it!”

Organizing and sorting ten frames, numbers, and number words!  

Ten frames are an important part of helping students to see numbers in many different ways.  By looking at a ten frame students can see an addition sentence “5 and 3 more is 8” or see it as “8 and 2 more is 10.”  Knowing and understanding numbers as different parts helps students to build a strong sense of numbers.  To see these centers and many more click here or on the picture below!

3. do-a-dot addition

As we work to build a strong foundation, my friends have been busy breaking down numbers into many different parts/combinations.  This was a quick and easy center that students loved.  Using “Do-a-Dots” students demonstrated their knowledge of addition sentences.  The task varied depending on their ability level.  The way I differentiated this task was as follows:

1.  Some students were asked to show an addition sentence using their do-a-dots (I created the number sentence for them.)

2. Other students were asked to create their own number sentences given a specific number i.e. 10. (it is difficult to see their pencil number sentences but they are there I promise!)
3.  My last group of students were given 5 story problems that they were expected to read and represent using the do-a-dots.  After solving 5 of my story problems, each set of partners created their own story problems and switched with another pair of students and they solved each other’s story problems  

4. Addition number hunt 
We also went on an addition number hunt this week!  Students were detectives as they quietly searched for each of their clues around the room.  They found number sentences everywhere-on the walls, on the file cabinets, on the whiteboard-you name it they were there!  My firsties are loving being able to walk around the room and search for number cards.  Once finding a new card students write the addition fact, solve the problem and head off to find their next number sentence!

To find this addition number hunt and several activities to compliment it click here or on the picture below!  This task card center is also available in a QR Code Version by clicking here.  

5. Technology with ten frames and basic addition

There are so many games out there to help students practice basic addition as well ten frames!  Here a just a few of the ones we have been using this past week.  Click on the picture and it will take you directly to the games…

There you have it-our week in a nutshell!  Thanks to Doodle Bugs {First Grade Rocks} for hosting a fabulous linky and letting us see a glimpse into everyone’s week!  If you haven’t already, hop on over to  Doodle Bugs’ blog and see what other teachers are up to this week!  
Happy Saturday!

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0 thoughts on “Five for Friday on a Saturday!”

  1. Wow, this is exactly what I needed for the week! I'm usually behind, but hopefully can get going on these. I have the ten frame game of yours already, so need to get it done for our next chapter in math.
    I will be getting your QR code addition! I really needed the games to put up on Smartboard. Yeah! Keeps me positive & motivated instead of feeling behind. We also have the do-a-dots, so these will be perfect to add to our center work. Thank you! Jackie

  2. Thanks for such a great blog pot! These resources are going to be perfect to use with my first graders! We are working on developing a strong number sense, as well as become fluent with basic addition. These will be great! Can't wait to print them off at school this afternoon! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!
    First Grade Follies

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