Sparking Student Motivation!

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Another week has quickly flown by and my first graders are hard at work learning routines, expectations and doing lots of hard work!  This week I was super excited to get some of their hard work up on my wall!  
When my students came in yesterday morning they immediately flocked to the wall as they searched for their name and paper.  They were thrilled to find their hard work and point it out to their friends!  Their excitement and the smiles on their faces truly made my day.  
My goal it to switch out their papers at least once a month to continue to motivate my friends to do their very best work.  Although I will be choosing their “fabulous” work to start the year-my hope is that eventually my student’s will be able to pick out their proud work to put up on our wall!
Sparking student motivation is so important!  I am hoping our “Fabulous First Grade Work” wall will help my student’s to be proud of their work (and try their best) as well show them how proud I am of their hard work and that I want to display it for everyone to see!  
Thank you to Joanne over at Head Over Heals for Teaching for hosting such an important linky!  If you haven’t already, please hop over there to see many other wonderful ideas to motivate your students!  
Thank you also to Teaching Blog Addict for hosting a linky with so many fabulous freebies every single Friday!  To grab this freebie for any grade level click here or on the picture below!
Happy Saturday!

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