Tune into Technology Linky: QR Codes and a Giveaway!

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We can’t believe it, but today is our last Tune into Technology linky– it’s been such a fun six weeks learning all sorts of new technology ideas that we can’t wait to try out in our classrooms in a few weeks.  We hope you link up with us, or Kristin at iteach1:1,  one last time letting us know how you use QR codes in your room!

Well, by now, you all know that we just love QR codes in our classrooms.  We love them simply because they are very engaging for our little friends and the QR codes give our little friends the opportunity to practice such a large variety of skills in a fun format.

I kinda can’t believe I only began using QR codes last winter because they have truly become part of our weekly classroom activities! Since I’m a reading specialist, my QR activities all are used to practice various reading skills. Here are some pics of my little friends in action with their iPads, scanning away on QR codes. 🙂 These pics show my little friends using QR codes to make CVC and CVCe words, identify vowels vs consonants, identifying digraphs, blends, word of the day and answering comprehension questions.

We definitely use QR codes in my classroom on a weekly basis as well.  In my classroom, math QR codes have become a center each week that we use in several different ways.  Scavenger hunts, at a math center,  or if we have a few extra minutes I will pull the cards and we will do an around the world with our task cards!  Sometimes I will also put the cards around the room at the beginning of the week and if I have any early finishers students are able to grab an iPad or iTouch and walk around and start solving math problems!  
Here are some pictures of my little friends using at different math centers.  Students are using them to practice addition, greater than less than, base 10 blocks (place value,) adding tens and ones, finding 10 more and 10 less, nouns, and to complete a butterfly graphic organizer!  QR Codes can be used to make learning more engaging using any skill!  

QR Codes are a hit in our classrooms and students get excited with each center that they get to scan a QR Code.  QR Codes are engaging, students get instant feedback, and students have the opportunity to use the technology in our classrooms in a unique way.  

All you need to do to use QR codes is download a free scan app. (Scan is our favorite.) Students then just hold the iPad/iPod over the QR code and scan the code- we use it as a way to check their answers or get clues for our literacy centers. Once they scan the QR code, the text appears saying the answer/clue. It’s just so fun!

If you haven’t tried QR codes yet in your classroom and you have access to some sort of scanning device, we highly recommend trying them out– trust us– your kids will love them! You can check out any of these QR code products and several more in Aylin’s store or Amanda’s Store! We have several QR freebies in there too!

This is one of Aylin’s favorite freebies:

In this freebie students read the sentence, find the long vowel with silent e words and words with digraphs and then answer the comprehension question.  
This is one of Amanda’s favorite freebies:
In this freebie students go on a scavenger hunt while solving addition and subtraction number sentences!  Students begin by scanning the QR Code below the word “start” which will give them an addition or subtraction number sentence.  Once the have figured out the correct sum or difference they will locate the task card with that number and continue scanning until they reach the end of their number hunt!  


In order to share our excitement of QR Codes in the classroom we are doing a giveaway of 2 products of your choice from each of our stores valuing up to $10 total!  Make sure to hop on over to Kristin at iteach1:1 because she is doing a giveaway of her fabulous QR Code Products too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, don’t forget to link up on the bottom with how you use QR Codes in your classroom!

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16 thoughts on “Tune into Technology Linky: QR Codes and a Giveaway!”

  1. I started using QR codes at the end of the year with my first graders. They fell in love with it! It is such an engaging way to practice their skills. I only had a couple of activities to use last year so I am super excited to start the year with all your math and reading QR activities. The parents and admin were also impressed by how well the students are using technology. It still amazes me how many teachers will not let their students use the SMART board and other tools like iPads because they are worried they will break!


  2. I use QR codes in my room all the time! One activity I do a lot is spelling practice on the website todaysmeet.com. I use the QR code to get all of my students to the website and then we type in our spelling words in real time. The kids love it!

  3. I love all the visuals of your kiddos using QR codes. It's reassuring for anyone to be able to see that it is possible to use them in the classroom with any age learner. Thank you for being such wonderful hostesses of this linky this summer. I've truly enjoyed myself and learned a ton!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I first used qr codes for shortcuts for parents at Open House and in newsletters. When we got iPads last year for the school, I started integrating qr codes into reading and writing activities and novel studies. Then I started making task cards and scavenger hunts. I have a link to some qr codes in a previous post, for those that are looking for more ideas. http://learninginbliss.blogspot.com/2013/05/tried-it-tuesday-qr-fun.html
    Learning in Bliss

  5. We did a wonderful QR Hunt for Dr. Seuss day in March. The students were paired with a partner from another grade. Their assignment was to scan the code and answer a Dr. Seuss trivia question. The last code revealed the answers. QR codes are an exciting way to keep students engaged in the curriculum.

  6. This sounds exciting. I hope to implement QR codes this year when I have our grade level set of iPads or if I get one of my own.

    Thanks for the chance to get started on this.

    Donna Williams

  7. QR Codes are a huge hit in my classroom. We have a BYOD day where everyone works on QR Codes. At other times I bring my iPad and the kids use it during a center. I have even started making my own. I do wish I had a set of iPad for the whole class or at least enough for partners.


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