The TPT Sale: Best & Most Linky!

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We are so excited to link up with Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for this fun yearbook themed linky of the ‘Best & Most’ TPT products for the big sale this Sunday 8/19 and Monday 8/20!
Teacher’s Pet: 
Every teacher needs this Building Vocabulary Pack to help build students’ knowledge of vocabulary out of context and within text.  Common Core places a large emphasis on getting students to really interact with and understand the text they are reading. Part of this includes a large section of standards on Vocabulary Acquisition and Usage. This pack includes literacy centers and graphics organizers which will help your kindergartners and 1st graders develop their skills in understanding new vocabulary and help them develop important skills as readers.  All the activities in this pack align to all the Common Core Standards under the Vocabulary Acquisition and Use for kindergarten and 1st grade. To see this pack in action and to get a Vocabulary freebie, click here!
Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed: 
The Word Families Bundle Pack will help your students successfully identify, read and write words in the same word family.  This pack includes mini posters to introduce each word family, a word family journal and literacy centers. All these activities will help develop students’ ability to read and write words in the same word family.  They will start recognizing the patterns in words with the same word family and as a result hopefully begin reading and writing words more fluently that follow similar patterns.  This pack is perfect for kindergartners and 1st graders and aligns to the Common Core Standards. To get a closer look at this pack and to get a Word Families freebie, click here!
Best Couple:
This “Ten Frame Pack” and “Find Someone Who Mega Pack” truly compliment one another as you work through your common core mathematics curriculum this year!  Number sense is so important to building a strong mathematics foundation.  Teaching ten frames is a perfect way to start building that foundation.  Students begin to see numbers in many ways as they draw and explore with ten frames. This Ten Frame Fun Game and Center Pack gives you the opportunity to explore ten frames with your students in several ways!  Students will enjoy each of the games as well as the activities as they gain a deeper understanding of numbers.  To read more about this pack (and to get a ten frame freebie) click here!  
Once students gain a foundation in math they are ready for the common core aligned “Find Someone Who..”  This activity pack offers many activities all aligned with the common core.  This activity pack is a fun way to get your kids up and moving and allows 100% of your class participating in math at the same time!  Each common core activity has an easy “I can” statement for first graders (and to help teachers stay organized!)  
Here’s how “Find Someone Who” Works…

To read more about “Find Someone Who” activities in my classroom and to get a freebie click here!
Thanks so much again to Christina for hosting such a fun linky for the big sale! These items above and our entire stores will be on sale this Sunday and Monday! Head on over to Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to check out other “pages in this yearbook!”
Thanks to Krista Wallden for the fun button!

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