5 for Friday with a Freebie!

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These last few weeks of summer have been some of the busiest and the most fun for us!  I can’t believe how quickly they flew by but it’s no surprise that they did with all that was going on!

1. Moving Day

We moved. We are officially set up in our new home (well, it is a work in progress but we are getting there!)  Our moving week was crazy!  My hubby took the bar exam on Monday and Tuesday, we moved on Thursday and left for vacation on Saturday! Woah.  It was exhausting but we did it and I am so happy to be in our new home.  We moved from an apartment to a town-home which gives us a little more space.   We have only spent 2 nights in our new home together but agreed our favorite thing about our new place is our own entrance!

2. Vacation

We left for vacation on Saturday and have been enjoying beautiful upstate New York all week!  This is a family vacation that Jeff has been going on since he was born (literally, he only has missed 1 summer in the last 28 years!) I have been able to go to the last couple of years and get to see all of these places he has talked about for so long!

3. Birthday Pack

Birthdays are a very important day to first graders!  Each year it seems my first graders start talking about their special day at least 6 months in advance.  Seriously.  In the eyes of a first grader it seems nothing else is more important than having his/her Halloween costume picked out and his/her birthday planned!

I discussed my classroom decor a couple of weeks ago in this post but was unable to to give the details of my birthday pack because I wasn’t quite done with it yet.  Now that it is finished I wanted to share with you the different parts of this pack that I am excited to use with my first graders this year!


To see get this birthday pack click here or the picture below:
4. Birthday Freebie

After seeing this idea on the Caffeinated Conclusions I knew I wanted to create these birthday balloons for my classroom as well to help celebrate my students on their special day!  I have seen teachers attach these birthday messages to pencils as well as crazy straws-I think I might mix the ideas and do both!  This will give my students a chance to choose between the pencils and crazy straws.

This picture is borrowed from Caffeinated  Conclusions!

Simply print the birthday balloons or stars, cut them out, and tape them onto some pencils or crazy straws!  To grab these click here or on the picture below:


5. Book Review on Good Reads
We recently did a book review on Good Reads for “Blucy” and absolutely loved the book! See our review below:

Blucy: The Blue CatBlucy: The Blue Cat by Julia Dweck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blucy is a great children’s story. The fun sequence of events that little Blucy experiences make for a very enjoyable story. The rhymes make it an entertaining read aloud for children. Children will love listening to or reading the story to learn of all the mischievous things Blucy does. The illustrations also allow the reader to engage in the story as the images match directly with the text. As a teacher, I am very excited to read this book to my students- I know it will be an instant favorite!

“Blucy” will be on pre-sale (which saves you 20% when purchasing this book) from today until August 12th. On the 13th, “Blucy” will be sold at it’s regular price.  To check out this book on Amazon click here!

Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching and Teaching Blog Addict for hosting two fabulous linky parties every week!

Happy Friday!

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