Tune into Technology: Integrating Technology into Math

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We were thrilled to be able to read so many new and fabulous technology ideas on last week’s link up!  We got many more ideas for websites, applications and so much more by reading all of the posts!  If you missed it click here to go back and read some wonderful ways to incorporate technology into your reading block.    
This week we are discussing how to incorporate technology into math.  Technology is a big part of my math block.  I love using technology during my math centers because it is engaging for students, it holds them accountable for their work and most programs provide students immediate feedback.  
During our math block we lucky to have access to a SMARTBoard, laptops as well as iPads and iTouches-so we try to use all of them as much as can! 
Laptops are used as a center every day.  We have access to paid programs including IXL and Success Maker.  Both programs allow teachers to log-in and see the amount of time students have spent on the websites as well as gives many graphs telling me individual and class strengths and struggles.  We also use Xtra Math and Sumdog which are free programs that give teachers access to seeing student progress.  
Xtra Math
We also use different websites on our computer during our math block.  One of my favorites is Shepard’s Software which has many games to choose from with tons of different skills.  To see the kinds of games on this website and how we use it in my classroom click here.  
All of the websites that we use are all on our classroom website so that kids can go directly to them without searching the internet.  This also makes it easy for kids to go home and continue to the learning because they know exactly where and how to get to each of the games.  
iPads and iTouches: 
We primarily use our iPads and iTouches for QR Codes.  We do use them for apps as well but my students love QR Codes so much of our time is spent using them in this way.  My students think QR Codes are lots of fun and “cool” because they get to see their answers at the end.  I love QR Codes because they are engaging and students get immediate feedback.  Students write their answer on a recording sheet and then they get to check their work.  This is wonderful because while I am working with a group of students I know students are practicing the given skill correctly.  

The SMARTBoard is also used during our math centers.  Typically, the SMARTBoard is a center during my math time.  There will be 2-3 kids on the it at a time and they take turns doing different games on the SMARTBoard.  It is a fun time for them because they get to use it all by themselves.  I enjoy it at the same time because I can easily see what skills kids are practicing.

Bringing Reading into Math:
So I (Aylin) don’t have too much to add on this topic seeing I’m a Reading Specialist and actually haven’t taught Math in 4 years- yikes! But Amanda is definitely a Math expert and she has tons of great ideas! I just wanted to include one idea though that I think is super important and necessary in teaching math and of course it relates to reading- ha! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is so important to incorporate reading into all content areas including Math which can be done through Math themed read alouds. I actually like to do the reverse as well where I include content area concepts into my reading lessons. Reading A-Z has awesome non fiction books including ones with Math topics which my little friends really love.  I’ve found that these non fiction Math themed books have helped get some of my little friends more engaged who weren’t so interested in my other guided reading books.  You do have to pay for Reading A-Z, but I find it definitely worth the subscription if your school is looking for some new guided reading books. I personally love how quickly you can access a large variety of books at all levels!

The pic below is the PDF version of the above Reading A-Z book pulled up on one of my little friend’s computers. The other half of the screen is his reading response activity.  I love the way the PDF of the book can be open right next to our reading response log on their computer screens so my little friends are constantly referring back to their text to complete their graphic organizer or whatever we are using!  I know most people have iPads instead of MacBooks so check out this post here for a quick way to get your Reading A-Z (or any other) PDF’s on the iPad.

So I know this part wasn’t totally math related and not too much technology but just wanted to add a little something. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thursday!
Amanda and Aylin
How do you use technology in math?

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4 thoughts on “Tune into Technology: Integrating Technology into Math”

  1. I need to check out Sheppard Software- looks like they have some great activities for skills I teach too. I forgot to mention Xtra math and Sumdog in my post.. we use those on a regular basis too. Aylin, thanks for putting a reading touch into this post.:)

    iTeach 1:1

  2. First up: I'm extremely jealous that your kids use macs. I just think they're education machines and everything works well together.

    Sumdog is just great, I wrote a post on it a few weeks ago and I raved about the game play that is involved with the math.

    I don't know if the cool factors of QR codes will really fade away (at least for a while) the kids just eat it all up.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer


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