The Organization of Websites, Websites, and More Websites!

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Websites, websites, and more websites!  We are very lucky that there are tons of websites out there for us to use.  Kids and adults alike have their favorite links that they check and use on a daily basis.  But what about those websites your stumble across and want to come back to later?  It is hard to keep track of them all and to keep them all organized!

I have used “Diigo” before and I really like it for many reasons but I have recently found a website I think will help to stay a little bit better organized: Draggo!

According to Google’s description “Draggo allows you to save, organize, and access all of your favorite links from any online location.” 
The layout of Draggo works well with my brain (really, it does!) and I am hoping it will help organize the websites I have my students use as well.  
1. Sign up-it’s free!

2. Get your Browser Button (similar to the old pin it Button:)
Drag the “save to Draggo” button to your bookmark bar.  It’s simple and fast!
3. Begin Creating:

You can choose to make each tab public or private.  
Here is how it works once you are all set up:
Let’s pretend I am looking at my friend, Kristin’s blog from iteach1:1 and found an awesome post (this happens often so I am used to “saving” from her blog!) that I wanted to come back to later.  
Here is what I would do using Draggo:
That is it, really! 
4. Log-in back into your draggo account:
There it is!  In my inbox.  Now, I can simply drag it to the tab and category that it belongs in.  If you are someone who does not like a full inbox-you can simply click “save to existing category.”  That way, the next time you log-in to Draggo they will be all organized!

Classroom and personal Uses:

I will use math as my example seeing as I am the farthest along on that tab… but my hope is to have a tab for each subject area (summer needs to slow down because I still have way too many projects left on my to-do list!!!)   
Our Math series, Pearson EnVision, organizes itself by topics.  Therefore, on my “math tab” on Draggo I created a “category” for each topic.  I am thinking I will link this to my classroom website this year.  If we are on Topic 3 then students will be asked to choose a website from that category. When we switch topics as opposed to having to relink a bunch of websites now I will simply redirect my kiddos to another category i.e. Topic 4.  You can view the start of my math tab by clicking here.  
Personally, I have started to use this website to organize some of the “tech tutorials” other bloggers have posted.  Things like “creating a FaceBook Fan Freebie” page is something I am hoping to get to by the end of the summer (again, summer please slow down!) but have not yet had time.  So, I saved the website to my Draggo account under my “Blog Life” tab and it is there…until I am ready. 
Make sure to go and check the many other ways teachers are getting organized this summer by hopping on over to Fun in 4B and Ladybug’s Teacher Files!
Happy Monday!

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0 thoughts on “The Organization of Websites, Websites, and More Websites!”

  1. I have my account set up on Draggo already! Thanks so much! This will be a wonderful way to keep track of
    my games that are incorporated into each of my math chapters. I know there will be lots more ways that I will
    be able to use this. Hope we'll still be able to check your Draggo for ideas? Thanks, Jackie

  2. O

    How cute is your blog design? When did that happen? Must have been while I was at the beach!!!! All my favorite colors are right here!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!

    Ok, I had to get that out!
    Thank you for sharing this! I have pinned it!
    Collaboration Cuties


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