Monthly Book Bin Organization with a Freebie!

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Let me start off by congratulating Steph on winning the “Pin-it to Win-it”  contest!  Check your email…I will be emailing you the {editable} schedule cards, {editable} reading focus board, {editable} word wall and the ten frame number posters!  

For all my other “pin-it to win-it” ladies you will also see an email coming your way and you can choose one of the products you pinned as well (if you pinned one product you will receive that one, if you pinned more than one than you can choose which one you want most!)  I am so excited to have these bright and colorful polka dot and chevron things up in my classroom that I simply want to share the love! 

Now, onto one last freebie to go with this polka dot and chevron theme.  I am linking up one final time with Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B and Kristen at Ladybug’s Teacher Files for their optimum organization linky party!

One of the teachers I worked with my first year of teaching suggested I organized my read alouds by month.  When she suggested this my first year of teaching I didn’t quite understand the purpose behind it.  As long as I had all of my read alouds in a accessible spot then I could simply choose the one I wanted, right?  Wrong!  

I quickly learned that if I didn’t have my read alouds organized by month I simply couldn’t fully remember if I read that book to students or not that year.  Sad, I know.  Years blend together and there are several books that I would find myself asking students, “Did we read this book?” If you are a teacher you know the kind of response that gets…exactly half of the students say, “Yes we definitely read this story!” and the other have half say, “No we never read it!!!”    So, I quickly decided to sort my read alouds by month (not an exact science but a rough idea…there are some months where I need an extra book so I simply pull from the next month…) and label them with post-its.  Here is the before: 
The post-it notes definitely served their purpose but with my love for polka dots and chevron I was ready to jazz them up a little!  Here is my after: 

To grab these monthly labels as a  freebie click here!  
A big thank you to Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B and Kristen at Ladybug’s Teacher Files for hosting this fabulous linky all summer! I am sad to see this linky go as I learned lots of new tricks and tips each week!    Make sure to hop over and see all of the great ideas teachers are linking up with over at their blogs.

Happy Sunday!

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0 thoughts on “Monthly Book Bin Organization with a Freebie!”

  1. I used to do that when I taught Kindergarten and First! I quickly started adding so many books to my collection that I had to expand to themes instead of months: Back to School, Winter, Dental Health etc. Now that I teach big kids, most of my Read Alouds are up in the top of my closet still in their labeled buckets. I have to climb up the shelves to get what I want. I have four large bookshelves filled with chapter books and not an ounce of space for my Read Alouds to hang out. I miss little kids sometimes! 🙁
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your month labels are so cute! Thank you for sharing the with us. I was never that organized with my read aloud books. They were all in the same container and I found myself looking through them trying to figure out what I had and hadn't read. Although if the kids said we had read them already, I would just tell them that now we were going to read them through a different lens. lol
    Thanks again!
    Antoinette 🙂

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