Joining a new linky: Win, Loss & Cost!

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Obviously Amanda and I can’t get enough of these linky parties, seeing we join them like every post….but today I’m joining in on a new one hosted by Matt from Digital: Divide & Conquer and Jeanette from Third Grade Galore. Their new linky is: Win, Loss & Cost where you pick one thing for each heading. 

The weather has been great this week in Chicago! I love summer but generally it’s way too humid to really enjoy being outdoors, but this week it’s been in the upper 70s and super pleasant. We did have a little bit of rain, but I can’t complain.  Obviously I’m very excited about this weather situation seeing this is the 2nd time I’ve blogged about it in a week! 
Um…this is hard for me because I always try to be positive, so…my loss happens to be that I have yet to actually sit down and dive into these two books that I was hoping to be done with already.  I just want to get some refresher ideas on guided reading & really learn more about F&P since this was our first year using the benchmark kits, but all I’ve done so far is open them, breeze through them for a few minutes and then move on to something else.  I’m thinking this might be my week to actually sit and read through them–also hoping my cute little yellow notebook-ish thing will motivate me because it has lots of fun post its and writing paper in there that is just waiting to be used! πŸ™‚ Maybe you all can help me out too– have you read either of these two books? They are definitely good reads and worth my time, right? 
We have a Savers right nearby my house and after doing a little de-cluttering this week, my hubby and I made a trip there to donate our giveaway pile and decided to step inside and take a look at the book collection to hopefully score some for our classrooms.  They have a buy 4, get your 5th book free + 20% off when you donate items, so we ended up with 15 books for just $8! My hubby got 10 chapter books for his middle schoolers and I got 5 new picture books for my little friends! If you have a Savers by you, I recommend stopping by for some new “used” books for your classroom! I got the idea to stop by Savers from Kayla over at Meet Miss Parker– she really knows how to find a great shopping deal! 
Off to go read other Win, Loss & Cost ideas!
Have a great day!
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5 thoughts on “Joining a new linky: Win, Loss & Cost!”

  1. Aylin,
    Thanks for linking up. I couldn't agree more about the weather in Chicago. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 70 degrees (and rain). Too hot last year.

    I couldn't agree more with your F&P thoughts. This year is a huge implementation for us and it is going to get quite the push back from teachers that hav never had to do it before.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  2. Your "Win" is my "Loss." I want the hot weather! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but this does not feel like summer to me. I need to check out that Savers. You can donate stuff? Is it in Naperville? I live in the area, so I was just wondering. Thanks for linking up and Happy 4th!

    Third Grade Galore


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