Find Someone Who…with a freebie!

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First graders tend to have a lot of energy. Some groups more than others, but overall, I think most would agree when I say first graders are energetic little people!  I want students to be able to move around, socialize with peers, while discussing educational topics so I began doing more “Classbuilding” activities.

“Classbuilding” was introduced to me through a Kagan workshop I went to a few years ago. Kagan helps create engaging cooperative learning structures in your classroom.  “Classbuilding” is an activity that gets 100% of the class participating and moving around the room.  It can be educational (think common core standards) or fun (think favorites…favorite food, favorite color, ect.)  It is a great way to get kids interacting with one another.

How it works: Students walk around the room with their paper.   They are looking to find other students who know the answers to the questions.  Children will walk around the room with one hand raised high in the air and  “high-five” another child when they find a partner.

Just like anything else students need lots of modeling to get this down but my first graders had a blast being able to walk around the room and “high-five” their classmates!

This “Find Someone Who” activity was done on whiteboards (last minute) to help reinforce adding double digits with my first graders.  
On my “Summer  To-Do List” I wanted to create several “Find Someone Who…” activities that aligned with the common core so I can continue to do this with my first graders on a weekly basis.  I finally finished and am so excited!  I created a freebie so you can try this with your students to get them moving around the classroom and interacting with their peers! In this freebie, I included more detailed instructions, management tips and two common core aligned activities. 
If it is something that works in your classroom, I  also created a “Find Someone Who Math Mega Pack” all common core aligned with easy to read can statements for your first graders.  

Happy Friday! 

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0 thoughts on “Find Someone Who…with a freebie!”

  1. My students love this type of partner activity, so thank you for sharing this! I like the idea of only half the class moving around…putting it on my 'try' list!

  2. I just came across your blog when I was searching for QR code activities. I am so excited because not only are you first grade teachers, but you are first grade teachers that USE QR codes AND KAGAN! I am following you everywhere now. I had a 5 day Kagan training last summer and I love everything about it! I also have iPads in my classroom and introduced my students to QR codes at the end of the year. They LOVED them so I can't wait to introduce them this year!

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