A little more organization and Our Blog Lovin Giveaway Winner!

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Ok, so, as you can probably tell by now if you’ve been reading our blog for awhile, I’m starting to organize all my materials in my classroom with the mindset of “keep like with like” (my oldest sister always tells me this phrase as part of her organizing tips- she’s crazy amazing at organizing everything).  So, today, I’m linking up with Fun in Room 4B and Ladybug’s Teacher Files for their Optimum Organization linky party– I love reading new organizing ideas and there are always lots of good ones linked up!

My organizing idea this week revolves around my guided reading materials.  I do a lot of pull out reading groups throughout the day and some are primarily guided reading groups while others have more of a specific focus, like, writing, for example.  Since I do spend so much of my day doing guided reading groups, I needed to put all my materials that I use so regularly in one place instead of in a variety of spots- it really just makes sense putting ‘like with like’! 
So, these are the drawers I keep right by my guided reading table (my jellybean table).  They are the perfect size– not so large that I cram tons of stuff in there, but rather each drawer is just large enough to fit a notebook/paper. I’m very lucky- my sister is super nice and gives me her old (more like brand new) organizing things that she no longer uses and they generally end up in my classroom and become very useful to me- these drawers are one of those items from her! 

In each drawer, I have items I use each day for our guided reading groups– pointers, silent e wand, fix up strategies mini posters, Our Wonderful Words graphic organizers, my running record notebook and our books of the day with my group plans for the day. It all fits so nicely in these drawers!
I keep the drawers right next to my jellybean table so it is very easily accessible as I am leading my group.  This way I do not waste any time going to another part of my classroom to grab something else- those groups by so quickly the closer I have everything to me, the better and more productive we can be in our group!
Have you noticed that all my most used materials are all ending up on this little shelf right nearby me?? 🙂 Hopefully it will really keep me more organized throughout the year! 
Next Up: 
Our Blog Lovin’ Giveaway!

We are so happy to announce the winner of our Blog Lovin’ giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone for entering– we are so very happy to have such amazing new and old followers! 

Congratulations to our winner:
Lee A.

Also, thanks so much to Collaboration Cuties for organizing it all! 
Have a great day!
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