Wednesday Website Link Up!

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Websites can be fun and meaningful for learners of all ages.  Websites can be used to introduce new skills, to reinforce skills already taught by the teacher or to assess student learning.  Although I do not believe technology takes the place of teachers; I do believe it can enhance learning tremendously.  
I am linking up with Tales from Outside the Classroom to share one of my favorite websites: Sheppard Software.  
Sheppard Software is full of games that are educational, exciting, and engaging for students of all levels.  They have a list of games that begin with preschool/kindergarten skills and go all the way up to college level and adult skills!
Although there are many subjects and skills to choose from I have mostly used this website to reinforce math skills in a fun and engaging way for students.  
There are many games to choose from.  Above are only some of the games Sheppard Software offers.
2 Class favorite Games include

Fruit Shoot: 
We have played “Fruit Shoot” addition, subtraction, counting, base 10 block, comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to) and number patterns.   This game allows students to choose their level (makes differentiation for this specific game easy!) and if they would like to do “relaxed” or “timed” mode.  
Fruit Shoot Addition
Fruit Shoot Counting
Fruit Shoot Base 10 Blocks
Fruit Shoot Number Patterns
Fruit Shoot Comparing Numbers
Balloon pop: 
Students pop the balloons in order of least to greatest sum which really gets kids thinking about each math problem.  We have played addition, skip count order (1s, 2s, 5s, 10s,) greatest/least and countingBalloon Pop.” Again, students can choose “relaxed” or “timed” mode when playing each of these games.  

Balloon Pop Addition

Balloon Pop Skip Count Order

Balloon Pop Counting
Balloon Pop Greatest/Least
This is just the tip of the iceberg with these games.  There are truly so many different games to choose from with so many different skills.  Since each game can practice a variety of skills they are very nice for independent math centers.  Students know how to play “Fruit Shoot” so although I might change the skill it is not hard for students to adapts because they already know how to play each of the games making their center time more meaningful.  
Happy Wednesday!
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