Tuesday Technology Tried It!

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Fonts are very exciting (some of you may be thinking I am crazy right now while others are probably nodding their heads agreeing.)  If you are someone laughing at me, thinking I am nuts…this post is probably not for you! 🙂    
I am not exactly sure what it is about fonts that makes my day but there is definitely something that makes me happy when I find the perfect font.   Even before I started really creating things, I loved to pick out my favorite fonts when making lists, writing notes to parents, ect.  
Then, it happened! I came across a website called wordmark.it through Learn with Leah and everything changed!  I say that with at least a little sarcasm but really finding the perfect font is now, at least, 100x easier!  
Step 1:

Go to wordmark.it The website is very simple to use.  Simply type any text you would like to see in the box where it says “wordmark.”

Step 2:
After you have typed in the word or words (I have typed in an entire quote before so they leave you with lots of space) click “load fonts.”  I used the word “easier” because that was last word I changed the font for in this post! 🙂  
Step 3:
That is pretty much it. Really, it is that simple!  Now you can see the word you chose in many different fonts.  Keep scrolling to find the font that fits your work and mood the best.  

Step 4:
If you don’t see what you are looking for scroll all the way down and click “load more fonts.”  
Step 5:
Since this website tells your the name of each of the fonts… when you go back to the document you are working on just highlight your font and pick the font you thought looked best on wordmark.it.  
The reason why this website helps save me so much time is because in the past I would highlight all of my font change it, look at it, then change it again, and repeat the process many times.  Now I am able to look at how the wording looks in all of the fonts at the same time.  I can compare with the words right next to each other which makes it much easier for me!
Thanks to Fourth Grade Flipper for keeping up this great linky over the summer.  I also linked up with Technology Tailgate! Click back to see what other teachers are trying out this summer by clicking the button below! A special thank you to Kevin and Amanda for all of their free and fabulous fonts!
Happy Tuesday!
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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Technology Tried It!”

  1. Um, this may be the COOLEST thing ever! Especially for my creating on my Silhouette Cameo. I have the HARDEST time deciding which font looks best. This will make it so much easier!


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