Sunny Summer Days and Workshop Wednesday!

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I am linking up with Caitlin and Carrie over at Table Talk with C and C and Jivey at Ideas by Jivey for their summer linkies!  Summer has been here for less than a week and I am loving every minute of it!  Table Talk with C and C is having a linky every week during the summer for teachers to share their plans (school and non-school related) so if you haven’t already hop on over and link up!  Jivey at Ideas by Jivey is hosting her Workshop Wednesday with a few summer twists…the link up is open for the entire month of June and you are simply posting about a Pinterest pin you are wanting to try next year.  
Last weekend the hubby and I said good-bye to one of our friends who is leaving to go to Salt Lake City.  The restaurant we ate at said it “cooks full animals.”  Let me just say they had a choice of many animals and yes, just as you are imagining it-they brings out the full animal.  I did take one picture to share my distaste with friends but I am going to spare you.  It was quite the (disgusting) experience and I don’t think I will (ever) be going back to that restaurant.  Nonetheless, we had fun seeing everyone and simply hanging out.   
I have gotten back into my running routine.  It has only been since Monday but it still feels good. After only a few days of exercise I feel much better and hope that I can keep it going!  
This week I have also making dinners again.  The last few weeks of school were so busy that the hubby and I got in the habit of quickly grabbing dinner at Chipotle, Jimmy John’s and/or other quick and easy restaurants during the week. Nothing too exciting has been cooked over here yet-but I made an Italian Chicken to put in our salads last night and am making tacos tonight!  
As someone who truly loves what I do, even when I am not in school…school is certainly still on my mind!  We got out of school on Friday, had a busy weekend and I have been creating, cutting, reading, and pinning ever since!  Don’t get me wrong…doing school related  things from the comfort of my own home (at my own pace, in sweats, and in front of the tv or with music on in the background) is probably the best way to be working- but still it is working, right!?!! 🙂
This week for Jivey’s Workshop Wednesday I am going to choose one of my pins from my reading board that I want to share with parents at the beginning of next year.  
I have seen this pin in one form or another but recently pinned it again.  I want to get my parents and kids doing more reading at home.  In the community we work in reading every night for 20 minutes can present several challenges to some of our families:  working 2nd jobs and simply not having the time/energy, not having books on their child’s independent reading level, and language barriers are just a few of the challenges.
However, with the technology these challenges can be quickly overcome.  If I can get more of my students taking home their laptops next year then the children have the power and the choice to read every night. The majority of my students love to read but when they get home they don’t know how to get a hold of books. Our school has the program Raz-Kids where students have access to books on their own reading level 24/7.  With the laptops going home students can overcome these challenges listed above and read 20 minutes at home each night independently.  
I want to use this chart to help parents see the importance of reading as well as to help encourage parents to allow their children to take home their laptops.  Reading is just one area that students will be able to continue their learning from home if they bring home their laptop.  
Summer has been so nice to simply catch up on life and school things.  I am loving every minute of it and hope you are too!  PS if you are still in school…summer will be here before you know it and it is definitely worth the wait! 
Happy Wednesday!
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0 thoughts on “Sunny Summer Days and Workshop Wednesday!”

  1. That was the pin I was going to use next week! Oh no, what will I do? Will I be able to find another pin?(LOL!) It is great information. It will be the first bulletin board they see as they walk in the door. I will take a picture when it is done!

    Your newest follower:)

  2. My principal sent that graphic home to parents with our Summer Learning sign up packet. Found you through the Summer linky by Table Talk with C&C.
    It's fun to find other IL bloggers!!!
    I'm your newest follower!

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