Nashville and our Giveaway Winners!

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Nashville was a blast!  Yesterday, I got home in the afternoon-we celebrated Father’s Day with a late lunch and then as soon as I got home I showered, put on sweats and went to bed.  I fell asleep around 6 pm and literally slept all the way through until 7:30 this morning!  I was exhausted but we had so much fun!  
MaryBeth from Run Teacher Run and me with Elvis in Nashville!

MaryBeth, or as I call her MB, is one of my best friends but lives in a different state. She’s not too far away but Indiana is far enough away that we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like… so every time we get  together we have tons of fun!

If you haven’t already, hop on over to MaryBeth’s blog for tons of great ideas and great reading at Run Teacher Run!

Thank you to everyone for helping us to reach our milestone and taking the time to enter our very first Rafflecopter Giveaway!  We love reading comments so it was especially fun reading extra comments throughout the giveaway!  
Congratulations to Autumn Sky and Denise Funfsinn   you are our winners!  You will be emailed and get to choose 2 items from each of our shops!
Thank you again to everyone who has supported us in this blogging journey!  We truly appreciate each and every one of you!  
Happy Monday!
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  1. How exciting to receive the email this morning that I was one of the raffle winners – thanks so much, ladies! Drove through Aurora on my way back from Chicago (picking up one of my paintings from a show at Zhou Brothers Art Center)and stopped at Phillips Park to take some photos. Now that I am home and at the computer I can check out your stores. Thanks again! ~Denise

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