Workshop Wednesday: Math Manipulatives

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I am linking up with Jivey today for Workshop Wednesday! Math maniuplatives are a must have in first grade!  We use them for so many different lessons!  Number sense is crucial and to help students truly understand numbers-manipulatives are a must! Since there are so many different manipulatives to choose from I am going to discuss one that we have been using recently in our classroom: base 10 blocks!  
CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.B.2a 10 can be thought of as a bundle of ten ones — called a “ten.”

CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.C.4 Add within 100, including adding a two-digit number and a one-digit number, and adding a two-digit number and a multiple of 10, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction; relate the strategy to a written method and explain the reasoning used. Understand that in adding two-digit numbers, one adds tens and tens, ones and ones; and sometimes it is necessary to compose a ten.

Using Base 10 Blocks as manipulatives to Gain Understanding:

Recently in first grade, Base 10 Blocks are helping students add and subtract big numbers.  When first teaching students how to add these big numbers it helped to break down each number by making it with base 10 blocks.  Students then were again able to see just how many longs (tens) and units (ones) each number was composted of and were able to see what happened with you added or combined all of the base blocks together.  
Independent Practice of new Skill:

After doing a few my higher students quickly caught onto the idea of adding the ones together and adding the tens together (so they didn’t even need the manipulatives anymore.)  My struggling students continue to use base 10 blocks to help them better visualize the problem at hand.  Once students worked with me and were able to demonstrate a strong understanding of adding “big” numbers they were off to their next center-using QR codes to help add 2 digit numbers.  Again some students were able to do this activity without base 10 blocks and other students got a bag of blocks to help them solve each of the problems.  
Virtual Base 10 Blocks:

There are so many websites that also allow for students to manipulate base 10 blocks to gain a better sense of numbers. Even if your school does not have access to base 10 blocks you can still use an online version of them to help students with mathematics.  Click on a few of the websites below to see how first graders can manipulate base 10 blocks online to help them be successful in math.  
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Happy Wednesday!
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5 thoughts on “Workshop Wednesday: Math Manipulatives”

  1. Thanks so much for the virtual games! I will be ready to use these next year. Do you have games online for all the math skills you teach? I really need to work on mine over the summer.
    Do we go to your store to get the task cards for 10s & 1s? Only 1 more day with kids:)
    Thanks again, Jackie


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