Summer Bucket List

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It is almost summer…I mean we are really, really close!  We only have 4 days left of “wake-ups!”  Let’s face it, this week is not the most rigorous of weeks because it is  filled with lots of fun so I know it will go by very quickly. Today, as we daydream about summer, we are linking up with A Cupcake for the Teacher, Miss Kindergarten, and A Modern Teacher to share our Summer Bucket List!
at home: 
Amanda:: The hubby and I are moving this summer.  We probably should have a place lined up and ready to go but we don’t…so that means we need to continue looking and hopefully find something soon! My bucket list goals for our home this summer are going to include: actually finding one, moving, and making it feel like home!  The good news is the locations we are looking at will bring us closer to both of our families and many of our friends!
AYlin::  I have a few Pinterest ideas that have been on my list for wanting to create for our home, so, maybe this summer they will actually get done?! I’m also always wanting to do a little more organizing of all the things that tend to get disorganized during the school year- like my home files! Oh and I’m hoping to either print out some of our pictures or find some new pictures for our bedroom- we’ve had the same ones for at least 4 years, so it’s time to update! 

for school: 
Amanda: The bucket list for school seems endless but I like having the feeling of time to complete some of these projects…so I am excited for my endless list!  Organizing my reading and math centers is definitely near the top of my list!  I also want to think/look at different ways to teach spelling/word patterns.  As a school we are doing a common core book study on the book: Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work.  So much of my time will be spent thinking and continuing to educate myself about the common core and how it will change the way in which I teach my first graders.  

AYlin: I have a ridiculously long list of ideas/things to create/organize for school.  My bucket list for this is to just a least get a few of those creations and ideas done and some started! My biggest idea that I want to accomplish from this school bucket list is to get a better system in place for how we evaluate which students receive services from me and some sort of evaluation that will help the classroom teachers and me decide when those students are ready to move on from interventions. 

for me: 

Amanda: I will be running, relaxing, traveling, and enjoying-nothing too difficult but I want to just appreciate the summer and simply enjoy it!  We have several weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even a few trips planned.  Some of the places we will be traveling to will include Vegas, Ohio, Nashville, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and New York.  I am excited for each one of them and thrilled to be able to spend extra quality time with my hubby, our families, and our friends!

AYlin: Well, my list sounds quite similar to Amanda’s- I hope to do lots of running & other fun workouts, relax and travel! Since my hubby is a teacher too we pretty much live for summer break so we can spend our time on vacations.  This summer we’ll be visiting a few different locations, including some beach time, some camping/hiking time and some out of the country time! Needless to say, I cannot wait for all these fun trips!

I know this summer will be busy but it is packed with fun things!  To see what other teachers are doing over their summer please hop on over to  A Cupcake for the TeacherMiss Kindergarten, and A Modern Teacher!

Happy Memorial Day!

Amanda and Aylin

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