Our May Currently!

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It’s May which means it’s time to start the month off right by linking up with Farley with our Currently! 

Listening, loving, wanting, needing:
You’ll notice that most of our Currently’s revolve around the weather- it’s just been so nice in Chicago this week and we can’t get enough of it! 

We’ve also had a busy week at school with AIMS testing and are super happy with the progress our little friends have made! It’s just amazing to see just how far these kids come from the beginning of the year. 

Summer bucket list: 
Well of course we want to have a combo of both being productive this summer and just simply enjoying it so we’ll be hopefully accomplishing some of our school goals while also enjoying the outdoors since we’ll have the time! 

Have a great day!

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0 thoughts on “Our May Currently!”

  1. It is so funny that you should mention that you need to paint your toe nails! I was going to wear sandals today (I am from the Detroit area) and then I glanced down and realized that I couldn't possibly share my toes with the world the way they look. That is my goal for this evening!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  2. Weather is a huge conversation piece right now. In KCMO it was snowing! Can you believe it? Not just flurries either! Now as you know, I am in Alabama. It was gorgeous the first day, but we got a horrible storm yesterday. We had flood alerts going off on our phones all throughout the night. It was crazy.
    Today looks beautiful so far, so we will keep our fingers crossed.
    Hopefully the nice weather sticks around for you! 🙂

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