Last Friday of the School Year!

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1. Field Day and Tie-Die T-Shirts

We had field day this week and our weather was beautiful!  It felt like summer and the kids had a blast! Aylin lead the parachute station and believe me the kids loved it!  Some of our other stations included jump rope, hula hoop, musical chairs and we even had a popsicle station! All of first graders made tie-die t-shirts a couple of weeks ago and wore them on Field Day!   It was a really cute, fun idea and I hope we are able to do it again next year!  

2. Notes from Students

With the dropbox our school uses you can see the student’s name and the time/day when they turned in their work which is very helpful!

Technology is pretty amazing.  One of my favorite things about teaching first grade is after being away, for a conference or being sick, I am welcomed back with many “I miss you notes.”   I still get those handwritten notes but I am loving that even on a day when I am not at school physically I can still communicate with my students via dropbox.  Above, one of my students wrote me this note while I was away, screenshot it, and turned it in via dropbox…all on her own!  No assignment was even given!  It is hard to believe that a 7 year old can do this all on her own!  

When being absent I have also given assignments to students to tell me what they learned in math or reading that day…again I can check it, grade it, and send it back to students all on that day that I am out of the building.  Pretty fantastic if you ask me!

3. Favorite 4-End of The Year Writing
The end of the year is a great time to reflect on all of the fabulous things that have happened over the past school year.  It is fun to think back to the things that made this school year special.  When we brainstormed a list of ideas the students surprised me with some of the things they remember that really stood out to them.  I even had a student remember a “magic play-doh” activity from the very first day of school! 
Aylin created an “End of the Year: Literacy Writing Activities” that are all aligned with the common core! My students loved it!  We used almost every page from her pack and with each page my students created something they were very proud of and helped them to keep writing up until the very last day of school!  
Here are a few of my favorite examples of my Class’ Favorite 4: 

To see more writing activities from this pack click here or the picture below.  Thanks Aylin for sharing this great pack with us-the writing activities allowed my kids to have keepsakes about their first grade year and their favorite memories!  
4. End of the Year Wordle and End of the Year gift (linked to a freebie!) 
A couple of weeks ago I saw one of our favorite blogs, Collaboration Cuties, end of the year gift used Wordles.  Click here to see their post.  Stacia and Amanda have so many fabulous ideas and both Aylin and I simply love reading their blog!  

I thought the Wordle Amanda and Stacia created for each student looked super cute and like something my first graders would love as well. We have used “wordle” many times throughout the year and I knew it was something my they can do independently.  Students typed the things that they “will always remember from first grade.”  Their lists included: field trips, activities, programs, subjects, names of teachers, specials and many more things we did throughout the school year.  Once they finished typing they got 2 minutes to choose the fonts and colors they wanted to use.  Then, students turned things in via dropbox and I printed them all out.  Next, I taped their wordles onto constuction paper and laminated each copy.  They loved them and were so excited they got to keep their very own!

To see more about the steps in creating a wordle with students and different ways in which a wordle can be used in your classroom click here.  

I love Pinterest.  There are so many great ideas floating out there and Pinterest gives individuals an easy way to organize them.  I found these awhile back, pinned it, and they were there for me when I was ready to use them!   I mean really, how cute are these?  The end of the year is crazy and super busy this is an easy gift to give students that they are very excited about.  To get this freebie head over to Classroom DIY by clicking here!  

5. Last Day of the School Year

We did it-we made it!  We are o.f.f.i.c.i.a.l.l.y. finished with our school year! It is hard to believe.  This year got started slowly but came rolling quickly to an end.  I will be excited to see all of our friends come back as 2nd graders next year!

Happy Friday!
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9 thoughts on “Last Friday of the School Year!”

  1. I am really curious about how the Dropbox is set up. I am setting up a STEAM lab next year and we are looking for something like that to use with our students. I would love to hear how it is configured to see if we can set up something similar!

    I love the tie dye! We did the same last week but ours were all solid colors. The rainbows are fantastic!

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  2. I love what you said about students always welcoming you back after being away for a while. It's so sweet to be loved so much! When I asked about the teacher who subbed for me last time, one students said "That other lady just bossed us around all day!" So indignant! lol
    Whimsy Workshop

  3. I loved your little note from your student. I need to catch up with the technology thing. My kids love our usual sub-she is young and beautiful and really, really fun! In fact, they ask when I'll be gone again! Enjoy your summer!!!


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