TBA Freebie and My First Doodle Bugs Teaching:Five For Friday!

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This was a short, quick and busy week for us. We had Tuesday off-I don’t know if you have had the luxury recently of having a day off in the middle of the week but let me tell you it is amazing!

I am linking up with Teaching Blog Addict (this is simply the best place to get so many freebies all in one spot!) and for the first time I am also linking up with  Doodle Bugs Teaching: Five for Friday! I  am really excited for this new linky to break down our week for you.
1.  Health and Career Fair 
On Monday, we had a “Health/Career Fair”  the kids absolutely loved it.  Our whole school participates all day long.  This year some of the highlights for my first graders included: guide dogs, life guards, dentists, and police officers.  Students go from room to room and learn about a new topic for about 15 minutes.  It is like centers all day but instead of going to different tables or work areas for stations we go to different classrooms.  It is lots of fun! The day was so busy I forgot to take pictures but here are a couple of my kids’ reflections on their favorite parts of the day.  
This little girl’s favorite station was when we got to participate in Jump Rope for Heart.
This little boy’s favorite station was the healthy fruit station and the station where he got to run outside!
2. Tuesday off-time to catch up on life
As I mentioned earlier we did not have school on Tuesday.  Having the extra day off mid-week felt fantastic.  I was able to clean up a little around the house, work on school stuff, catch-up on laundry, get a run in, watch some of my DVR, cut our fruit for the week, ect. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of our cut up fruit this week.  Last weekend when the hubby and I went grocery shopping he wanted to get “star fruit”  I had never tried it before but he insisted.  So we picked some up to add to our mix. Clearly it gets it’s name from its shape-it is just so pretty and it’s delicious.  

3. Reading with students one-on-one
Since this week was a short week I decided not to pull my guided reading groups.  Instead I met with several of my students to read with them one-on-one.  It was really nice to meet with students individually.  I felt like I was able to get a better grasp on their successes and struggles.  We use Fountas and Pinnell to assess students so it was also incredibly gratifying to see the growth some of these children have had made!

4. The start of Earth Day activities and discussions
Earth Day is an important holiday for students as we try to instill in them the impact, even as first graders, they can have on our world.  Although many of the activities in my Earth Day Activity Pack  I am saving for when we get closer to Earth Day Here are some of the things we have started working on in our room: 

Number Sense: my little friends are sorting through and matching base 10 blocks and expanded number sentences.
Students practiced addition and subtraction facts as well as reflected on ways they can help our Earth.  
Students found the true and false number sentences.  
5. Freebie: fact and opinion
We are still continuing to work on facts and opinions in first grade.  Students are getting better but some of my first graders still think that a “fact” only means something is true.   I am trying to get them away from “true and false” and guide them towards a fact is something that we can “prove.”  

To get this freebie click here.  To take a look at my Earth Day Activity Pack that is aligned with the common core please click here.  
To get you ready to start Earth Day I am giving away an Earth Day Activity Pack to one lucky person!

This giveaway will go through Sunday night and then I will pick one winner and email you my Earth Day Activity Pack! I will announce the winner Monday Morning!

To Enter: 

1. Follow our blog
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3. Leave a comment with your email address

Good Luck!
Happy Friday!
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16 thoughts on “TBA Freebie and My First Doodle Bugs Teaching:Five For Friday!”

  1. I am following your blog and both stores. Thanks for the fact/opinion sort…mine are always thinking the facts have to be correct, too.

    FIngers crossed to win the entire packet, as I LOVE Earth Day…so many cross-curricular connections, no controversy!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com


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