QR Codes in Literacy and Math Centers!

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Weekends always seem to fly by entirely too quickly!  Our weekend was filled with family and food-a good combination if you ask me!  I was also able to go to Starbuck’s for a couple of hours on Sunday which allowed me to be super productive and get ready for our upcoming week of school.  
First thing is first let’s announce the winner of my Earth Day Activity Pack!  Congratulations, Fancy Francy you are the winner!  

This morning I am linking up to Table Talk with C&C’s: I heart QR Codes and Classroom Freebies: Manic Monday. QR codes are everywhere!  The hubby is even taking notice with how often I point out QR codes-this weekend we saw them on menus, ketchup bottles, fliers, mail…you name it…they are everywhere!

Well, they are everywhere in my classroom as well!  My kids are having a blast with QR Codes and as a teacher I am loving the benefits as well.  The engagement level of my student’s is higher when using technology as well as the instant feedback piece is extremely beneficial to me as a teacher because I know my students are practicing the skills correctly during their center time.

QR Codes Literacy Centers:
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1b Use common, proper, and possessive nouns.

Click here or on the picture below to get my my QR Code Noun Sort which is a forever freebie!

Students chose a good fit book to read and complete this noun graphic organizer during one of our reading centers last week.  After reading the story once students scanned the QR Code to watch a short video on nouns.  After watching the video students then went on a noun hunt and found all of the nouns in their story!  Below are some pictures of my first graders completing this noun hunt!

After reading a “good fit” book.  Each student scanned the QR Code to watch a noun video.  
Each student reread his/her story and went on a “hunt” for all of the nouns in his/her book!
QR Codes Math Centers:
CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.C.5 Given a two-digit number, mentally find 10 more or 10 less than the number, without having to count; explain the reasoning used.

I am linking up with Love2Learn2Day for Cindy’s Math Monday Blog Hop.  If you haven’t already gone over to her website it is a great resource and I highly suggest you checking it out!  In math we have been working on adding/subtracting 10 to a number and adding/subtracting 1 to a two-digit numbers.  Some of my students are able to mentally do this without any help, others need a hundred grid to assist them, and a handful of my kids need even more guidance.  I have seen ideas on Pinterest to help students but I realized mid-way through a guided group one day that my kids need more help so I didn’t have very much time!  I had to improvise..I quickly grabbed a ziplock bag and started tracing! 
The glare makes it tricky to see but there is circle for our number and then the words “10 more,” “10 Less,”  “1 more,” and “1 Less” are on the bag to assist struggling students with this concept.  
By the end of the week students were able to guide their fingers much easier (even without the bag for assistance) which showed me that it did help to teach them the placement on the number grid for 10 more/less.  
In centers students continued to practice this skill using task cards with QR Codes.  While I am working with a guided math group QR Code activities allow me to know students are not practicing skills incorrectly.  Instead they are getting instant feedback on their work so they practice the skill correctly during independent centers.  
Students find a card. Then, solve and record their answer on the student recording sheet.  
Students scan the QR Code to check their answer.  
Students see the answer on the screen and check to make sure they answered correctly.  
The pack below includes the QR Code Task cards as well as other QR Code activities that will continue to reinforce the common core standard of adding/subtracting 10 and 1.  You can see it by clicking here or on the picture below.  
The growth of first graders at this point in the year is quite amazing but there still feels like there is lots that needs be done before they are ready to go to 2nd grade!  
Happy Monday!
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7 thoughts on “QR Codes in Literacy and Math Centers!”

  1. Thanks so much for the freebie! I have added the Number Sense QR codes to my cart because this is exactly what we are working on the next week. What Math series do you have? We have Everyday Math. But you talk about guided math groups. Wish I had time for them. Thanks again, Jackie

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    We were part of a 1:1 ipads program in our school. If you have computers in your room, or even just one ipad, you can have students take turns scanning the QR codes.
    Hope you have access to some technology!


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