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April!  The sun is shining here in Chicago and the days are definitely getting longer which makes April extremely happy!  Easter made for a busy day full of family and good eating!  We spent the day with both of our families.  The hubby and I both come from small families that both live close to one another so we are typically able to spend our holidays with both of our families at one place-which is incredibly nice!  

We are officially on our last day of spring break and although I still feel like there are a million more things I would like to get done…I am so grateful we had today off!  It will make going back to school a little bit easier!
There are so many fun linkies this month that we simply couldn’t resist!  We love learning about our fellow bloggers and reading about their lives!  Thanks for hosting ladies… here we go!

We are linking up with Farley from Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for our April Currently!  
Advice: We pretty much live our lives by this quote so of course it fits into our blogging/TPT life too! This blogging/TPT world brings us a whole lot of laughs (whether from mistakes we make or hilarious posts!), love (from our followers and new friends we have made!) and good living because we get to share our ideas with you while you all share with us! 

I told you we couldn’t resist all these great linkies!  We are also linking up with Jessica from Literacy Sparks and we will be Anticipating the Month Ahead!

*Looking forward to:  This month I am looking forward to getting more into QR Codes with my little ones.  You should be seeing more posts soon-but I am really anxious to get going on these with the kids as they are such fun and so engaging!  I am also hoping to change up my guided reading.  Aylin has been an amazing resource and she has really inspired me with all that she does for these kids.  
Struggling readers work with Aylin for just a few short weeks and then they come back to me and I am always amazed at how far they have come in their reading in such a short time. I always joke with Aylin about the “magic” she uses to get these kids going-I don’t know what she does but she is fantastic! I am trying to learn all I can from her and I am so grateful she is so patient with me!  

* Hoping to accomplished: Hoping to continue getting healthy through food and exercise!  The hubby and I are on a major heath-food-eating and exercise kick.  Although we both fell off the bandwagon a little over Easter weekend we are ready to jump back on! In April, I am hoping we can keep this thing going.  We are both feeling more energized and better from our healthy eating and exercising so hopefully we can keep chuggin’ along! It is makes it so much easier that we are doing it together because we are both committed to only having healthy foods in our house right now for meals/nibbling.  I am not sure how long it will last before we break down and refill our home with all of our favorites but for now it feels good and I hope we can keep it up!  
*Looking forward to: The weather getting warmer so that I can run outside and just enjoy the outdoors! There really is something to Spring weather getting you motivated to get off the couch and do something fun outside! I’m also looking forward to finally using all my fun spring themed activities that I’ve acquired/created. I’ve been waiting for it to feel at least a little like spring and I think we are finally there, so we are definitely going to be busy with spring in our classroom!

*Hoping to accomplish: This time of year I always get excited/anxious for all my little friends to really develop their skills as good readers.  We have worked hard all year learning so many new things and now is the time for my little friends to really “show off” all the things they have accomplished as readers and writers.  My goal for April is to get more of my little friends on grade level or at least closer to being on grade level with our F&P assessment.  I know my little ones can do it!!!
Amanda & Aylin:
*Dreading: We both know that we have so many great activities we want to do with our little friends but we also realize that April tends to be a busy month with field trips, assemblies etc, so we want to try and squeeze everything in, but realize that it might not happen!
Enjoy your Monday!
Amanda and Aylin
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5 thoughts on “Linkies Galore!”

  1. Hi, you beat me to the posting back from Farley Currently, but I was glad to hear from you. So I had to stop by and "check out" your blog too. Love it. So many great ideas. I agree with you that April seems to be sooo busy and yet the pressure is on to get our littles as far as we can. Enjoy your week back.
    First Grade by the Sea


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