5 for Friday and a Freebie!

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It’s Friday (and our last full week in April!)    I am linking up with Teaching Blog AddictDoodle Bugs: 5 for Friday, and Teaching Maddeness: Friday Flashback
1. Earth Day Craft:

We colored coffee filters with marker.
Sprayed them with water and let them dry.  
 We glued them to black paper and wrote about ways we could help the Earth.  
A simple craft and the kids loved it!
2. Earth Day Brain pop JR. and Writing:
To continue with Earth Day we watched an Earth Day Brain Pop (it’s free!) and then filled out this writing piece on ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Student then drew or found pictures on their computers to show the ways in which they were going to help the Earth.  

To see more Earth Day products we completed on this special day please click here!

3. Surprise Vegas Trip!
This is a big year for my hubby!  He graduates from law school and it is his golden birthday on June 28th! I have been working on a surprise trip for him to one of his favorite place in the entire world (Las Vegas) and finally surprised him with it.  Just like I do for the kids-I gave Jeff a bag of letters and he had to figure out what the surprise was..by making words. He figured it out and I gave him a card to let him know which summer weekend we are going to celebrate.  It was so much fun to see his genuine surprise and excitement for our upcoming summer break trip!
My hubby reading his card after “making words” to find out we are going to “The Vegas Strip!”  
4. Workout WEdnesday
As a district we are working to promote healthy living to students.  We serve our kids fruits and vegetables two times a week as a snack and this year we have “Workout Wednesday” the last Wednesday of every month.  It a great way to way to get kids active during the day and teachers get to workout clothes to school which truly makes a Wednesday that much happier! 
All of my “action shots” were blurry so I had to use a stretching picture!
5. Butterflies (and a Freebie!)
I began by introducing butterflies and their life cycle to my students through this freebie.  Students scanned the QR Code to watch a short video on butterflies.  Once they did that they filled out the graphic organizer below.  Please click here to grab this butterfly freebie!  
After my students learned a little bit about the butterfly life cycle I brought out our caterpillars.  The kids were so excited!  We have been doing lots of observing of our caterpillars.  They are now  chrysalises and soon will be butterflies!  To keep track of our observations we have been using “Butterfly Life Cycle Observation Booklet” that Susan Moran at T.G.I.F.-Thank God It’s First Grade created.   Simply click here to grab your free copy! Students are asked to write at least 3 sentences each time before they are able to start illustrating their picture! 
Observing caterpillars!
Happy Friday!
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