Highs/Lows, Facts/Opinions, and a Freebie!

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I am so glad that the snow finally seems to be behind us (my fingers are crossed and hopefully I am not “jinxing” anything!) Since I am not a big fan of snow (hard to believe since I live in Chicago) it is easier to blog about a “snowball fight” thinking that the snow is done for the year!  

A few weeks ago we had a Snowball Fight inside our classroom!   This is a great activity that can help students to practice math facts, story problems, sight words, word family words, anything really…but we used this snowball fight to practice facts and opinions.  

Warning: this activity does take a certain level of patience because the kids get VERY excited!  Therefore, I purposefully planned this activity on for a Friday afternoon and we did it right before I dropped them off at gym. 🙂  My kiddos couldn’t believe it when I said we were going to have a snowball fight inside our classroom.  

We had been practicing facts and opinions all week (and are still practicing them as this is a difficult concept for my firsties!)  We talked about what a fact and opinion meant in our own words. I wrote it big on butcher paper.  

 Then,  students each got a scratch piece of paper and had 2 minute to write a fact or opinion of their choice on the paper.  When two minutes was over they came back to the carpet with their papers. 
One student’s example of an opinion.  

One student’s example of a fact.  
This is where the fun officially began.  Students got to crumple their papers into a ball.  When I told them this they looked at me like I was crazy!  
Next, I gave students the rules
1.  You have to stay on your pockets.  
2. You can only grab/throw one paper at a time. 
3.  When the timer goes off you must stop or you are out!
We started throwing!  I set the timer for 1 minute (trust me that was plenty of time for both my class and for me!) 
Snowball fight!  This was the best action shot I got (I tried to take serval but not very many turned out.  If you could see all of their little faces you would see big smiles on each and every one of them!
When the timer went off students all opened their papers and read them.  We took turns.  Each student read their statement aloud to the class and decided if it was a fact or an opinion.  Then, students got a piece of tape and put it on our poster in its correct spot. 
The papers were crumpled but the facts and opinions were not lost!  Students refer back to it often and are able to look at this chart to help them remember facts from opinions.  
Throughout the week we practiced facts and opinions with games, SMART Notebook Files and more! Here is one of the websites my students used (and are still using) to practice facts and opinions.  After answering a few questions correctly students are then able to watch a short Arthur Clip (which is motivation for getting answers correct!)  
Although my students continue to need more practice with this difficult skill (especially what a fact is..) they are certainly understanding what an opinion is and are having fun stating when things are opinions.  The other day when I announced what the lunch choices were one students yelled out “EWWW gross!!”  Another one of my little girls very politely raised her hand and said ” That is just an opinion Arely; not a fact.”  This made me laugh out loud-she was absolutely right it was an opinion! 
Although a little bit early…. a Friday (or Friday eve!)  just wouldn’t feel complete without a freebie so here you go!  Please enjoy this Fact and Opinion freebie by clicking here.  
Today, I am excited to be linking up with Katie from Teacher to the Core!  I am linking up  for March’s 

The high of my month was easily spring break.  I have been able to accomplish almost all of my Spring Break Bucket List which included things like: reading, relaxing, lunch dates, working out ect.  I know… nothing too difficult but I will say it has been wonderful!  This is the first year in quite some time the hubby and I did not travel and although I would have loved going somewhere my “staycation” has been thoroughly enjoyed!  
The hubby and I got to spend extra time together doing the things together we love best-cooking, relaxing, watching movies, and simply spending time with our families!  Over break I also got extra time with my mom which I am always grateful for.   
With the start of each new season, my mom and I always make a “seasonal bucket list.” It is not our “big time” bucket list (to tell you the truth that kind of overwhelms me!) -it is just 3 or 4 silly/easy things we can do when we have extra time throughout the week/weekends for that specific season…with spring break we got to cross out one of our items!   “Free Pie Wednesday” at Baker’s Square!
I am a sucker for sweets and French Silk Pie from Baker’s Square has always been a favorite of mine.   We often drive by this sign on the window that says “Free Pie Wednesday” but during the week things are always crazy and I don’t often get to see my mom as much as I would like.  This Wednesday I was up close to my mom’s house for a haircut and when I finished we decided to go out for “Free Pie Wednesday!”  It was crazy busy but so worth it!  My French Silk was delicious as always and getting extra time with my mom is one of my favorite things in the world!  

The low of March for me has been this grey Chicago weather.  It is March..it is officially spring and no one would know it with this cold, grey weather.  I am ready to see green grass (not muddy brown snow,) I am ready to run outside (not inside on a treadmill,)  and I am ready to wear sunglasses because it is bright outside (not gloomy grey with clouds that make you think it is the evening all day long.)  I am ready for spring-and although it is technically here, it certainly doesn’t feel like it-so spring please get here quickly! 
Enjoy your Thursday!
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6 thoughts on “Highs/Lows, Facts/Opinions, and a Freebie!”

  1. I LOVE the idea of a monthly bucket list. I have a BIG bucket list and I am chipping away at it VERY slowly. The idea of smaller, more easily accomplishable goals sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you had an enjoyable staycation during your break. I am in the middle of my own staycation right now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. ~Stacy @ http://new-in-room-202.blogspot.com

  2. Your snowball fight sounds like a blast and your freebie is a timely theme for me since we are learning about facts and opinions in my class too. I might just have to let the kiddos have a spring snowball fight.

    Also, pie is delicious! I wish I could find somewhere that had a free pie Wednesday! I would go every Wednesday! Okay, well, maybe not, but at least every other. 🙂

    Hope the weather improves for you soon! It's been gray in NJ too.

    Compassionate Teacher


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