Freebie Friday, February, & Superbowl Sunday Sale!

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We made it through January!  It is hard to believe how quickly it flew by but February here we come!  

There is so much to celebrate in February between Groundhog’s Day, 100th Day, and Valentine’s Day…that we had to start immediately!  My kiddos were able  to start math centers this week with a Freebie Valentine’s Day Bump.  

Common Core Alignement: 
CCSS.Math.Content.1.OA.C.6  Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10. 

My students love playing “Bump” so they got right to it!  “Bump” is a great game to play with first graders.  My students love “Bump” because they are playing a game with a partner and there is a winner to this game.  I love bump because students practice addition facts and this is a center we have done before in our Doubles and Near Doubles Game Pack so students know the rules and how to play independently.  It is also able to be differentiated easily without students noticing. 

In order to hold students accountable for their work during math centers I always ask them to write out their math facts on a whiteboard. That way I can easily look over from my guided math group and make sure students are hard at work.  

{Freebie} Valentine’s Day Bump Students above are playing the challenge version where they roll three dice add all of the numbers together and place a counter over the sum.  


{Freebie} Valentine’s Day Addition Bump! has two versions to help differentiate math centers.  On the first game  students roll 2 dice and add the numbers together.  The second version students roll 3 dice and add all 3 numbers together to create a challenge for more advanced students.        

Superbowl Sunday Sale!

We are linking up with Keepin’ it Kool In KinderLand and throwing a Superbowl Sunday Sale!  Both of our stores will be on sale Sunday, February 3rd so go over to TPT and take a look!

Although our entire stores are on sale KIKIK asked to put a quick blurb about our favorite products…so here we go!

Amanda’s Favorite: Valentine’s Day Activities that are Common Core Aligned  Valentine’s Day is so much fun and I love doing activities with my kids that allow them to have fun and practice important skills at the same time.   In this activity pack students can order and sort numbers, practice with fact families, work with a number grid, play a doubles math game, make words, complete a writing activity and much more!

Aylin’s Favorite: Winter Literacy Center Bundle Pack I’ve been using this pack with my little friends for the past few days and will continue using it well into February because my students have been so successful with the literacy centers! This is a combination pack of literacy center activities, including: 1 or 2 syllables sort, sight word reading and rhyming, CVC word creation, beginning sounds identification, consonants and vowels sort, short and long vowel identification and digraph sorting. It is a winter and Valentine’s Day theme and there is a recording sheet and writing extension included with each activity! All the activities are aligned to the Common Core as well.


Happy Friday!
Amanda and Aylin

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with me for your super sale! I'm thrilled that I found you! Thanks so much for the great freebie – can't wait to try it with my littles 🙂 Your products look wonderful, good luck with the big sale!

    XO khrys


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