Contractions-Online Games and a Freebie!

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Break has been wonderful!  Relaxing and spending time with family and friends has been the best part.  The past few days for me I have been getting ready to go back to school at a slower than normal pace. Usually it seems I wait until the Sunday before school starts to get going on planning-this year I have started a little bit earlier and it has been nice!  I have been able to enjoy my hubby being home (he is on break too!) and still work on school things here and there.  As I have been looking at plans for the next couple of weeks I realized that we will be tackling contractions!  

There are several online games to practice contractions. These are the ones that I will be using next week to help my friends.  The reason why I will be using these games is because they give correct/incorrect feedback to students immediately.  Most of the games below are not games where a student can keep clicking until they get the correct answer which forces students to dig deeper and really think about the words that make up each of the contractions. 

Many of the games below are from Vocabulary.co.il which is a great resources not only for contractions but also for compound words, prefixes, suffixes, syllables, and much more!
Please read the captions below each screenshot for a more detailed explanation of each game.   
Fill It In: Students see the word pair and type the contraction.
Fill It In-The Un-Contraction Game: Students see the contraction and type the word pair.
Which One?: Students see the word pair and choose the correct contraction.
Memory Match: Students match the word pair to the contraction. 

Learning Games for Kids have many of the same games-just a different theme. This is an additional game that also gives direct feedback to kids when practicing contractions.

Break It Up: Students use the red marker to break up the word in the appropriate spot.

I created this freebie that you can grab here that I will be trying with my kiddos next week. In this activity students will be cutting and gluing to match contractions to their word pairs as well as sorting contractions based on the words they are made from. 

Freebie Fridays

Enjoy your Friday (and your last couple of days of break!)
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