A Little Bit of Honesty and {Freebie} Doubles Task Cards

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Honesty is something I teach my students.  I think we all do.  It is an important life skill and as we recently read the story “Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie!” we, again, discussed the importance of being honest.  

Fast forward a few hours to my guided reading group.  As we sat down to begin, one of my little girls told me “You are my favorite and the best teacher ever!” Right as she finished her sentence another little boy in the group (who is one of those kids that is a 50 year-old man trapped inside a 6 year-old’s body) looked at me very matter-of-factly and simply said “No offense Mrs. Zanchelli but I have had better.”  HAHA Oh my gosh, what do you do besides laugh?!?  I mean I am glad he was honest; however, I felt like having a chat with him about keeping those kinds of thoughts to himself! đŸ™‚  So I laughed and then simply replied by saying “We all have our own opinions!!”  

CC.1.OA.6 Add and subtract within 20.  Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.  

Number sense is a huge part of our first grade math curriculum.  It feels as though we are constantly working on number sense and are continuously recycling back to similar concepts throughout our curriculum to help students gain a deeper understanding as we have moved to the common core standards.  A few weeks ago we discussed doubles and this week we are working on some Doubles, Doubles Plus One, and Doubles Plus Two math facts. Many of my students know 5+5=10 but when I ask them 5+6= they quickly bring out their fingers.  I have know problems with students using their fingers but am trying to help them realize that all they have to do is add ONE more to the double’s sum instead of starting all over again from the first number.  It’s a process but I know we will get there! 

I created this freebie Doubles and Doubles Plus One Task Cards to help my students practice.  It is a simple set of 12 cards to help students realize if they know the sum of any double they can easily get to the sum of any doubles plus one problem.

Freebie: Doubles and Doubles Plus One Task Cards

If you are looking for other ways for students to practice using Doubles-please check out this post where my students use iPads, number sorts, and bump games  to help them practice their math facts.  Or click the image below to go directly to this product.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie! I am working on this right now with my grade 1s. Trying to teach them the concept of doubles +1 is a bit of a challenge. These cards will definitely come in handy during our guided math!

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